IT is time for me to turn a new page in my health journey!

My ever-present weight problem. It just continues to hang on my shoulders, stomach, legs, everywhere; literally! I need to shake it of mentally and physically! Sometime last year I started my first health blog, to motivate me with the eyes of the public watching me, but also to share my achievements and hopefully inspire others. And to begin with I lost an amazing 13lbs in a month, finally bringing me back down into the 14st! However it was short-lived. Instead of continuing on my streak of excellence, I went on to yo-yo-ing up and down a couple of pounds over the next half a year (remaining below the 15st)! Eventually though I stopped looking at what I was eating and drinking again, quit my blog and throwing my health out of the window I shot back up, this time crossing the 16st mark!

(for more on the history of my health visit My Health Journey page)

2016 was a rough year for me; but who’s to know?! I mean, I could blame my weight gain and misery on the events that occurred over the past year right?! But really, let’s be honest, who am I kidding?!? It is and always will be, my fault! My lack of will and self-control! It is what it is and I know it. So after what feels like thousands of attempts to get my weight and ultimately my life under control, why am I trying again and again when I keep failing?! Well because deep down I am unhappy. I am unhappy with my body, I am unhappy with my lack of control and I am unhappy with my lack of self-love. And the thing is, I will continue being unhappy unless I finally make some changes to my lifestyle and start looking after myself. I want to learn to take care of my body, mind and soul, they deserve healthy positive nourishment.

And you know what? One day, even if it takes me 101 attempts, the chance of potential success is still better than putting my life on the line by doing nothing and giving in to self-destruction. So you see this is why I keep picking myself up again and again each time I fall because if there is one thing I have learnt it is that I am not a quitter!

Here’s to ‘One day’ being in the not so far distance on the horizon!

Love Carina xo

6 thoughts on “I AM NOT A QUITTER!

  1. Stick at it. Two years ago i was 20 stone, I lost 4/5 stone in first six months then stayed the same for a year. Then End of last year got stuck in again lost another 1.5 stone taking me under 15 if first time in god know how long. I lost most of my weight using the 5;2 diet have a look at it yourself might suit you.
    Anyway keep going it is possible


      1. I waited till i lost few stones then i started walking. Then running and i love it now of to do first marathon in May.
        You can do it , all in your head. Just try and make better choices at every mealtime. Keep going

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