Good afternoon my beautiful readers!

As I mentioned in my last post I was feeling the pain from the barbell squats I had done on Thursday, but little did I expect how much worse it would become haha. My legs ached throughout the day yesterday and I am still struggling today. Having to walk up and down stairs as well as sitting down and standing back up again is definitely the most uncomfortable, but even just walking hurts. I do find the situation rather amusing, although I’m complaining a lot haha; I have just never had such muscle pain before!

I guess I should mention what weights I was squatting with. I used a 15kg barbell and started off with 2.5kg plates for 10 squats, then my instructor added 1kg plates for another 10 squats and then we exchanged the plates for 5kg plates for another 10 squats. All in all only 30 squats but when you’re not used to doing them and end up squatting with 25kg extra, it kills your legs aha!


I didn’t actually do much exercise at my programming session with one of the instructors, it was more of a 1 min trial of each machine and working out what settings I should use. It was really helpful though to create a workout routine for me to follow. I like the idea of having something to work and improve on over the weeks; however we only had time to cover cardio and arms, so I have booked in for another session next Wednesday to look at legs and abs.

Even though I didn’t do much exercise in the gym yesterday (a couple of weights, a 10 min treadmill walk on a steep incline and a 20 min swim) because I had a meeting about a potential third part time job and ran out of time, I did walk into town and back twice. So to my minimal exercise I can at least add another 100 min of walking. After I’d had my meeting and ran some errands in town, I popped into a cafe and enjoyed a decaf coffee and homemade ciabatta with just some plain old butter and relaxed for a bit. Walking was hurting my legs aha so it was nice to have a sit down although as mentioned even that really hurt haha.


When I got home I finished some tasks around the house and then drew a much needed Epsom salt bath to sooth my sore muscles. I could have sat there all evening but alas eventually the water got cold.


Love Carina xo

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