“Every individual has a different perspective on life. Many see it as the threshold to a new beginning with an abundance of opportunities. Others see it as a messy, mundane hell. As humans we should question every little detail. Is the glass half empty or half full? Does the glass even exists? It’s interesting how one’s own mind perceives an object, idea, or a person in a way others would never see without proper navigation. The perception of love can be a fairytale dream, but a tortuous, never-ending nightmare to others. Death is either glorified or feared. Next time you are outside, acknowledge your surroundings. Look up at the sky and take in the beauty or the drawbacks of life. Realise how you normally see the world, and try to look at it differently. Life is too short to be normal and monotonous. You only grow old if you let life age you. Let the ocean waves tell you its secrets and experience life in a whole new perspective.”

—Perspective, John Mancilla


I found this quote very interesting and wanted to share it with you. Our outlook on life, what we choose to see or ignore and how we regard things can really make a difference to our quality of life I believe. There is beauty all around us, but when we get caught up in our busy lives we sometimes forget to just stop and appreciate the simple things in life. Hitting the pause button for a minute to appreciate our surroundings or telling ourselves some positive affirmations can really put a smile on our face, brighten our day and actually help de-stress us.

In relation to the idea of perspectives, I find the film About Time, very inspiring. An emotionally beautiful film; it explores our outlook on life. To me it suggests that if we live every moment appreciating the little things we forget to be grateful for, we would, as well as feeling less stressed, just have an overall happier and satisfying life. If you haven’t seen this movie yet, I would definitely recommend, and let me know what your thoughts are!


Love Carina xo


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