Good Evening my beautiful readers!

So  thought I’d give you an update on my weight-loss. Monday is my weigh in day and I always weigh in in the morning. Today the scales said 93kg which is 14st 6.5lbs / 205.03lbs. I am super happy with this! I started my sugar reduction and general healthier diet at the beginning of January and have since lost 9kg which is 1st 4.2lbs / 19.84 lbs! Woo!


I also had my first proper gym session at my new gym this morning,  which was so difficult haha! Definitely not used to it anymore! If I didn’t have my programme to stick to though I definitely would have done less! Time will build up some stamina, I just need to stick at it! Looking forward to tomorrows session already,  especially as its my day off so I’ll have time for a refreshing swim afterwards!

Well I hope you have all had a great day!

Love Carina xo

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