Learning how to listen to your body is something I’ve never paid much attention to until now. I am a foodie through and through and my two main problems are – one: portion sizes and two: I hate wasting food and the money I’ve spent on it; so not a good combination as you can guess.

In the past I rarely left any leftovers, often powering through the food on my plate even though I felt fit to burst. I tend to cook too much my eyes being bigger than my stomach and then I feel like I have to eat it because I’ve paid for it, cooked it and don’t want to waste my money or food by chucking what I can’t eat in the bin. Stupid I know because my health should be more important than a bit of money or wasted food. So even though most of my meals are actually rather healthy, my weight never shifted as I mindlessly overate and disregard my ‘I’m full’ signal. Concerning snacks it was the same, if I had a large bag of crisps I would likely finish the pack even if I was full. A big problem for me is boredom eating. I find it’s just something to keep me occupied, even if I’m technically busy like reading or watching a movie, my hands are fidgety and need something to do to, so I eat.


So actually when I see images like the  one above I get annoyed because it just is NOT true! In many ways I have deluding myself. I say I’ve mostly been eating really healthy, but it is not just what you eat, quantity really also matters and makes a huge difference, and that is something I have been learning to change and reduce!!!

Second to reducing portion sizes I am learning to listen to my stomach instead of ignoring it. If I am full I will stop, most times anyhow haha, I’m getting there. I keep reminding myself too to look at wastage in the correct manner; I mean what’s more important? A little food down the drain?? or wasting another day on my health journey? I’m just making it more difficult for myself by over cooking sometimes! Either I need to learn to start cooking smaller portions or  accept that if I’m full whatever’s left may need to be thrown away if it can’t be eaten the next day.


Furthermore two holy grails regarding eating which I have known about for years but mostly ignored are two tips that help reduce the amount one eats in the first place and feel full faster. I do not know how true the science behind these ideas is, but logically they make sense and work.

– Drink a glass of water around 30mins before your meal (this will fill your stomach a little and leave you feeling less hungry before you have even started your meal resulting in less consumed afterwards)

– Eat slowly and chew properly and long enough!

Here is also an article I found on the importance of chewing properly:

So I am improving on my relationship with my stomach, listening to it  and looking after it more. I am generally drinking a lot more so that helps curb my hunger and I try to take my time eating now too rather than just mindlessly stuffing it in my mouth.

Anyone else struggle with these things? I’d love to know your thoughts on the subject!

 Love Carina xo


  1. you already know my fave tips:
    1/ use a small bowl/plate to overcome the eyes bigger than tum
    2/ make use of your freezer compartment. freeze leftovers know matter how small then make a mix and mash when they equal a meal size. not easy when house sharing i know.
    3/ DON’T EVEN BUY CRISPS /BICCIES/PUDS. if they aren’t in the house you can’t eat them.
    4/ use a dessert fork or teaspoon to eat meals…. see tip 1, also it makes you eat more slowly as there’s less on the fork

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