Hey my beautiful readers,

So this evening I need to have a little rant aha! I am one of those people who struggles to take criticism. I it’s constructive to do with work and things then yes, it is easier to deal with, but when people are just dicks it really gets to me and I struggle to shake their comments or actions off. I have always struggled with this and I want to change and not let it bother me, but it is so much easier said than done especially when your body reacts physically, in the sense of suddenly feeling uncomfortable or annoyed or confused…

So the little simple thing that really got to me today was that one of the cafes I work for received a bad review, a shocking and rather unfair 1*! The guy complained saying they’d ordered three drinks but only received two and that after having been offered milk for the americano they never received it and that there was greasy scum floating on the coffee and that neither coffee was really nice and they’d be giving us a miss next time.

The story goes: It was super busy and two customers wanting to sit outside came into the cafe to place their order; now we usually do everything by table service, so when people from outside come in and expect to be served straight away without even having had a look at our menus it already throws you a little as you need to pause making drinks and quickly take their order. The man ordered an ordinary coffee (which already pissed me off haha because, I am sorry, but what is an ordinary coffee?! If you are into your coffee’s like I am you know there are so many varieties of coffee and every person likes theirs differently and so when they say ‘just an ordinary coffee’ they all mean something different too) anyway so with a smile I prompted, how do you usually like your coffee sir? And he was like well just an americano, and then the woman said she wanted one too, and then the man said and a cappuccino, so as there were only the two of them and I couldn’t see a third person outside (I here admit I mad a mistake) but I assumed he meant to change his americano order to the cappuccino. He then also looked at the cakes on display and ordered a cheesecake, they payed and then went outside. I made the two coffees and one of my co-workers brought the drinks and the cake out. She came back with the cake saying firstly, the guy had said he didn’t like the look of it and didn’t want it anymore (erm excuse me?! You just looked at the scrumptious display of homemade freshly baked cakes and picked the cheesecake yourself and then have the audacity to send it back saying it didn’t look nice without even having tried it?!) and secondly, that he’d said they had ordered three coffees. I then understood there was a third person outside and quickly made the other americano. The guy then also came back in and asked about the payment as he’d obviously not been charged correctly, I apologised and tried to explain my mistake in thinking there had only been the two of them and my co-worker was already on top of it apologetically bringing them the third coffee which I’d just made and also already having worked out the difference between the cake and the coffee to refund their change. The guy took the change and went back outside and then in the late evening left an unfair 1* review.

Now, all you out there who work within customer service know there will always be some customers you can just never please and who are determined to leave bad reviews. I just need to vent and say I am sorry but it just really is unfair, yes I made a mistake, it happens occasionally I’m afraid especially when it is extremely busy, however I was friendly and apologetic and rectified it withing minutes making the third coffee my priority and having it brought out to them very quickly. So for that yes, I guess you may complain, but as for there being greasy scum on the coffee?! No fucking way, this customer obviously doesn’t know anything about coffee and was referring to the oily crema which any good fresh americano should have on it! And there was also no mention of us being all friendly and refunding them for the cake they chose and bought yet then refused to try and wanted to return…


When you work for a nice family style run business with little staff you know everyone tries their hardest to make business stand out and provide excellent customer service. So when I get reviews like this I can’t help but take it personally and they really shake me for a while!!

You know which part of the whole complaining business I really don’t get though?! It’s the what feels like backstabbing! If people really have such a problem, why don’t they send drinks and food back straight away so ‘mistakes’ (or customer dislikes) can be rectified?! If they had come up and told us I could have made them another coffee and explained that the ‘greasy scum’ is the natural coffee crema but also been friendly and given them a refund as you know the customer has to always be right. But why do people feel the need to complain at the end when they have emptied their plates and finished their drinks?! I mean if you really didn’t like it why eat it?! Why drink it?! It can’t actually have been that bad then can it?! It’s like they are just trying to be a nuisance and cause trouble for the fun of it!

Another irritating customer we had once was an elderly chap who had ordered a croissant, with his coffee, and when he came to the till to pay at the end, my co-worker smiled and asked (as we always do) ‘Was everything ok for you?’ and the guy replied something about the croissant being stale (for your information our croissants are baked fresh in the oven every morning and when one gets ordered it doesn’t go in the microwave to be warmed into a soggy mess, no, we put the oven on again to heat it and keep it’s nice crispy flaky freshly baked texture!) So of course he was given a refund, and my co-worker stated that he should have told us straight away and we could have given him another one. He merely repeated something about the croissant being stale. Again my problem here is that of course the guy had eaten the full croissant,?!?!! Like what?! If you had really received a stale croissant would you honestly have eaten it all and then complained?! At least this guy only complained in person, which for something untrue is bad enough, but when people make public unjust accusations without having talked to us in person first, then it just really is painful and just so not right!

Sadly I feel like some people are just born to be unjust complainers, and they don’t really give a shit that they’re hurting people or their businesses with their unfair comments. And I know from this I also, as I mentioned in the beginning, need to learn to not take things to heart so easily, sometimes I just feel like I’ll never manage though. Does anyone else have this problem? How do you cope?!

Well that is my rant over aha, thanks for listening guys! I hope you’ve not had to experience such irritating customers wherever you work!

Love Carina xo


  1. Much love to all the people in the service industry. I know I could never do it. Even on days that I have a bad experience I like to wish the workers a nice day. Id much rather spread positivity. 🙂

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