Good morning my beautiful friends,

It’s Monday morning, weigh in day, and as I guessed, this week I haven’t lost anything. My current weight stands at 91kg, so since I started at 102kg that is still a loss of 11kg which I am proud of!

I had night of drinking with friends on Tuesday and overdid it somewhat so then on Thursday I woke up with a throat infection which turned into a full blown cold draining me of all energy. On my day off on Friday I literally spent the whole day in bed resting and sadly gave into munching on comfort foods; I must be one of the few people who, when ill, actually craves lots of food rather than not wanting any food. Saturday and Sunday were two full days of working for me which tired me and in the evenings I then just relaxed watching some Vikings or reading a book.

So obviously today on weigh in day after eating bad since Thursday and not having been to the gym since Wednesday, of course I can’t expect to have lost. But I am fine with that, no worries, it is only one week, it has not demotivated me and I am back on track this morning, slowly feeling a bit better although still on the lemsips. I had a nice lie in and then made my usual smoothie bowl for breakfast whilst catching up on some YouTube.

I am missing the gym, but I don’t want to make myself worse by pushing myself when I am not well yet, so I haven’t gone to the gym today before work and I won’t be this evening either, but I am hoping to feel even better tomorrow and maybe try a little workout then. Well I best get going, I start work at 12! Luckily only a short 5 1/2h shift today.

Hope you all have a lovely day!

Love Carina xo

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