Hello my lovely friends,

It has been 6 days now since I woke up with a horrible throat infection that drained my body of energy and bar having to go to work pretty much kept me in bed for the first couple of days. This last week I didn’t loose anything, although I didn’t expect to. I felt sorry for myself and gave in to comfort food and of course had no exercise either as I didn’t want to make myself worse by draining myself of energy; so obviously we had a stand still with the scales this week.

Well anyhow, I’m halfway into a new week, I am feeling a little better now and am back on track with healthy eating again, and a couple of bad days ain’t going to make me fall of the wagon! I have still lost 11kg so far and that is something to be proud of even if this week was a standstill πŸ™‚

I had planned on starting of my exercising again on Monday, but I just wasn’t feeling well enough yet. Yesterday I then had a lovely day to myself doing some shopping (mini Primark haul post is on it’s way) and going to watch Logan at the cinema. It was a nice much needed out and about me time kinda day, but also meant bar walking, no exercise was done. I decided I would ease back into the exercise with a Yoga session this evening but I forgot it was my work friends leaving do so no exercise today either. I am starting to feel guilty that I am still not back at the gym, so tomorrow I really must go to the gym, I am itching for it! Well, I mean don’t get me wrong, a large part of me really can’t be bothered to go back, but the smaller part which does want to go back is winning as it’s coupled with my aspirations and excitement to see results. I’m not quite sure what I will do yet whether I will just go for a swim or whether I will do cardio and weights too, either way I don’t want to have a relapse of my Β cold so as I’m still not 100% yet I will be still taking it easy.

Love Carina xo

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