Hello my beautiful friends,

It’s time for another What I Eat In A Day post!

Last week I stewed up some plums which were just a bit past ripe to enjoy, and then totally forgot about them. Yesterday morning I spotted them in the fridge and decided to make some french toast as it’s amazing topped with stewed plums! I had a soft roll which needed eating so I cut it into three parts and then dunked it into my cinnamon and egg mix (cinnamon is a must for me when making french toast) and then fried it in the pan (no butter or oil). The plum compote I just warmed up in the microwave and enjoyed with the french toast. I also made myself a berry smoothie to drink throughout the morning. I can’t do mornings without a smoothie aha, it’s so much a part of my routine now!



For Lunch I had some vegetable soup with low sugar toast (Warburtons tiger bread at 0.5g of sugar per slice is by far the lowest sugar bread I have found). For some reason however, I started feeling full and a bit queasy halfway through my soup so didn’t manage to finish it.


Dinner was a bit of a naughty meal as it was the leaving do from one of my work friends. We all went to an Italians and enjoyed some yummy food. We all had olives and bread for starters, then for mains I ordered a breaded chicken with asparagus in a tomato sauce with vegetables and garlic bread (the only thing that was disappointing was that there was so many potatoes in the vegetables I was hoping for more greens) but the chicken was super tasty and such a large portion that I only managed half and gt the rest wrapped up to eat for dinner today aha. With the meal I enjoyed a glass of white wine and the we got a shot of limoncello on the house after dessert. Although I was really full I was naughty and had a hazelnutty thing with meringue and chocolate filling. The desserts were all served with a garnish of fresh mint, and I thought it was such a waste no one eating it so I took every ones mint home and put it in my smoothie this morning aha.





So that wraps up my what I eat in a day!

Love Carina xo

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