Hey guys, 

I wanted to share my number one weightloss tip with you all; and this is an important one – trust me! So are you eager for the big reveal aha?!

Well here we go:


And there you have it – I’m serious this is the biggest favour you can do yourself when trying to loose weight or changing routines and just wanting to be healthier or incorporate more fitness… I have been trying to loose weight for years so I have a lot of experience with this. Whenever I had a bad day (either not eating good or not doing any exercise), I would feel terrible – greedy, fat, stupid, sad, hateful, worthless… the list goes on. You would think feeling shitty would give you the motivational boost you need to get you started again, but usually it tends to be the beginning of a downward spiral ending with me completely falling of the wagon. So what I have learnt over the years is to try and ignore these feelings and just talk back to them, tell yourself ‘so what?! so what if I’ve had a bad day, or two or even a week?! Weightloss, health and fitness are journeys; changes aren’t going to happen overnight! The goal is to keep a positive mindset! Honestly you are not alone in your failures,  you are not alone in feeling crap, and you are not alone on your journey – remember that, there are so many people out here and I love that about the internet, that we can all motivate and inspire each other! So keep going guys – I believe in you – believe in yourself and you will succeed – DON’T BEAT YOURSELF UP! Honestly this is the best advice I can give you!


I haven’t had the best week and didn’t loose anything; once you’ve had one or two treats it’s harder to say no to others, so I was giving in to chocolate and cake and too much booze – not good! Furthermore, not having been to the gym in a week ass I was away, made it more of a struggle to go back. I just couldn’t find the motivation, but yesterday I made myself go – I didn’t do a massive exercise routine admittedly, but that’s totally cool – remember DON’T BEAT YOURSELF UP! Even if you are only doing a little at the gym – this is way better than just sitting around at home!

So the second part to my no.1 tip is PRAISE YOURSELF! Praise yourself for the little things that you achieve. For example – I had a small portion of humus, pitta and olives at the deli cafe in the peak district on my last day, but then followed it with a slice of delicious courgette and lime cake – so 1: well done on choosing a small light lunch 2: who cares if I’ve had a slice of cake, I’m on holiday, it’s not the end of the  world!

So guys, I hope my tips help you out!

Love Carina xo


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