Hey my beautiful friends,

Well I am only on day 2 of this supposed smoothie cleanse and I am already failing!


My current mood (pictured above haha)! I did not think I would be this bad tempered because of cravings. My eyes feel heavy and tired and all I continually think of when not distracted is I want food!!! Now don’t get me wrong, I am not hungry; the smoothies are filling, but they are all sweet, even when large amounts of ginger and kale are added! So the two things I am craving are one: actually chewing and two: savoury food, just give me some damn butter on toast and I’ll be satisfied!

So yesterday, day one, went well, I had a green smoothie for breakfast, a cocoa peanut butter smoothie for lunch, then went with my work mates for a pint after work but was good and only drank water, came home and made a mixed berry smoothie for dinner, went to bed with a cuppa tea and spotted half a tin of sour cream and onion pringles which of course I ended up munching. Afterwards my stomach felt funny and I regretted it but it felt good to eat something.

Today the thought of knowing there’s another 7 smoothies ahead of me, just kills me! I was clearing a table at work and one of the customers hadn’t touched the cheese from their lunch platter, so what do I do, I grab it and take a nibble, luckily it was my least favourite cheese and I decided it wasn’t worth eating and thus chucked it, but the craving for savoury food I can actually chew on is soo strong and irritating me so much that I am sorry guys but I won’t continue this smoothie cleanse challenge I set myself! Think of me what you like for giving up so quickly aha, but it’s not like I am going off to stuff my face now instead. I wanted to try a smoothie challenge to see what it would be like – and I can now say I don’t like it haha. But I might still half continue it by having smoothies twice a day but at least an evening meal. I’ll update you! For dinner today I will definitely at least be having something that I can chew on and savour the textures and tastes of haha, whilst still eating healthily of course!

Let me know if any of you have ever tried a juice or smoothie cleanse and how you coped! I’d love to know!

Love Carina xo

2 thoughts on “I GIVE UP!

    1. I have as well aha, they fill me up nicely but still not exactly chewable haha! I’ve decided to do breakfast and lunch smoothie and a light meal for dinner for now 🙂 maybe I’ll give it a better try some other day! xx

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