Good morning my lovely readers,

Every Wednesday I go to yoga with my friend Aiden at our local gym. It’s a 90min session, well more like 80min aha andย it’s great fun! This week we tried blindfold yoga for the first time. Sadly Aiden had to drop out last minute this week and let me tell you he really missed out!


The session was easier than past ones, but that makes sense because let me tell you, once you have your eyesight taken away from you it makes everything much more difficult straight away aha. We were all given one a black eye mask (like one of those sleep mask things) and it was really interesting to experience how much it throws you not being able to see.

The idea behind wearing the blindfold it to help you get centred and not be distracted by the the other people around you. It stops you comparing yourself and you learn to really concentrate on your own breathing and how you’re feeling.

We started as usual just breathing and then went into various stretch poses continuing into downward dogs and warrior 1’s and even trying the tree pose. The tree pose is a laugh, I challenge you all to try it with you eyes closed aha; I am really going to have to practice that one – 0 balance with no eyesight! Well I have to say though at the end of the session I really felt the relaxed and more peaceful in comparison to previous yoga sessions. I had planned to still go to the gym a little bit afterwards, but I was so chilled I just decided to enjoy my 25min walk home.

So if you ever have the chance to try blindfold yoga guys I highly recommend it!!!!!

Love Carina xo

2 thoughts on “BLINDFOLD YOGA

  1. Never tried blindfolded yoga but I have done regular yoga. Been at it for about 8 months and already have seen a lot of improvement. Its definitely something people should try. ๐Ÿ™‚ Ill give this blindfold thing a try too.

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