Hey guys, 

I thought I’d show you a little of my art work today. In the summer I graduated with a degree in fine art. In my last year I specialised in drypoint engravings. The method I use is engraving into perspex before inking the plate up and rolling it through the printing press. Since graduating I sadly haven’t been able to do any print making as I do not own my own printing press, but here are some of my old prints which I am now trying to sell to at my dads cafe. Hopefully I will also soon get round to making and etsy account.



Love Carina xo


Hey you guys,

So to follow up from my last post I was buying my usual vegan VioLife cheese in Tesco the other day and saw their free from range on cheeses was on 3 for 2. I didn’t even realise they had that many options, so I thought I’d try some new vegan cheeses and let you know what I think.


For Christmas my parents had bought me this pretty cheese board, and it’s first time being used is with vegan cheese haha! The four cheeses I am comparing are VioLife, Jalapeno&Chilli Cheddar, Mature Cheddar and Soft Cheese.


No.1 VioLife 200g – £2.30 – 5/5 stars

This is the first ever vegan cheese I tried and by far my favourite! It has quite a rubbery texture but I like the taste and I could nibble on it all day aha. However I tried making nachos with it and it really does not melt well at all.

No.2 Freefrom Mature Cheddar 200g – £2.25 – 1/5

Ok – this cheese stinks! and I don’t mean blue cheese stink, I don’t know aha, I just can’t get past the smell! It tastes like it smells. It melts better than the VioLife and has a more crumbly cheese like texture. The best way to eat it is with grapes, however I still don’t really like it and will not be buying it again.

No.3 Freefrom Jalapeno&Chilli Cheddar 200g – £2.25 – 3/5 stars

This is essentially the same as the mature cheddar, but as it is flavoured it does taste better. It smells too but the jalapeno&chilli make the cheese tastier for sure and the smell is less overpowering.

No.4 Freefrom Soft Cheese – 3/5 stars

Again this soft cheese has a similar smell to the other Freefrom cheeses but like the jalapeno&chilli it isn’t as poignant as the mature cheddar. It’s quite a plain cheese, but has a good texture and I think it would really benefit with some spicing up, so tip – add some fresh herbs and pepper into the cheese.

I have since looked on Tesco online and seen that there are even more Freefrom and VioLife products so I might do a follow up on this post testing what else is out there! Let me know what you think – I’d love to hear if any of you have tried any of these cheeses too!

Love Carina xo


Hey peeps,

As you can tell from the title this blog post is about dairy, and by dairy I mean milk products, not eggs.

For years I have now been having stomach problems, some bloating but mostly sudden extreme stomach cramps which end in explosive diarrhoea (sorry for the visuals aha but just being honest). These stomach problems have built up such an anxiety in me that I now have a fear of travelling or being in situations where there’s no toilets about in case I get these stomach cramps which I can’t control.  This is making my life very restrictive, like when I go to the theatre or cinema I need to have a aisle seat, and even the smallest 20min walks in unknown places can make my anxiety rise dramatically!

Anyway, I have been to the doctors twice and they started looking into things with a blood and stool test, but nothing was really found and then I went away volunteering  in November and when I came back in December I moved house, so I’ve not been to continue the testing yet, but I really want an allergy/intolerance test! Yes I know I could lead a food diary and I have tried that in the past, but it’s soo difficult to keep up with and I’ve always given up.

For a couple of months now I have been reducing my dairy intake by substituting milk for almond milk and not eating much cheese or obviously chocolate (ass it contains too much sugar) anymore and I do think it has made a difference. For example, on Easter Sunday, I indulged in chocolate and in the afternoon/evening I got a really bad stomach. Another time I had broccoli cheese and half an hour later I was on the toilet for like 20 minutes aha. So although I have never been tested for lactose intolerance, I am pretty sure I am. My stomach is definitely better when I avoid dairy, so I am taking the plunge and going completely milk free, well mostly aha.

I am now sticking to almond or soya milk, both unsweetened of course to avoid unnecessary sugars, I use dairy free butter/a sunflower spread and I actually rather like the vegan cheese I’ve been using. However I will still occasionally have a croissant or a pizza, luckily shop bought ones are usually not covered in cheese so its not an overdose like it would be on a takeaway pizza or something. I will see how my stomach continues. I definitely think there’s other things out there that don’t agree with my gut either. I will keep you updated!

Love Carina xo


Hello guys!!

Let me firstly apologise for not posting in like 10 days, oops! I have just been so caught up in moving (although I’m still not in the new house yet), working, having friends visit and otherwise just being so exhausted that I’ve really not had the energy to concentrate on my blog. I still feel very drained of energy, but as it is currently quiet at work I thought I’d start this blog post and hopefully get it finished and posted for you this weekend! So onto Emily’s hen do!

What a fabulous weekend! Everyone had a brilliant time! It was packed with activities but also very relaxed and full of fun and quality time with Emily’s best Ladies!


Emily’s mum Debbie, Kim and myself arrived earlier at the house to set up. It was such a beautiful house – very lux! Set in Coldingham just across the border into Scotland with sea views and 5 mins away from the beach!


When we got there we sorted out rooms, made some cocktails and then waited for our online shopping to arrive before tidying it all away and setting up a yummy buffet and drinks reception.



At about 8pm the rest of the hens and Emily the bride to be arrived and we toasted with prosecco and enjoyed some scrumptious fajitas! After food we played a reveal game where Emily got to find out what was happening throughout the weekend and we reminisced over some of our memories of us with Emily through a slideshow (here some of my memories)

Those of us who weren’t too tired then also made use of the hot tube for a nice soak before heading to bed.


Rise and shine at 8.30am for a yoga session led by me and a yummy smoothie bowl breakfast made by me!


At 10.30am we left for Potadoodledo, a pottery painting studio where Emily and I have been before, so I knew it was an activity she’d enjoy. Everyone had a great time getting their crafty fingers out!


We painted for about 2hs and then headed back for lunch before relaxing a little and painting our nails. In the afternoon we went for a short walk along the coast to St.Abbs which was nice although short as we had to hurry back to get ready to go out. When we were ready we got a taxi to Berwick where we had booked a table at a Lebanese restaurant and enjoyed some food before heading out for some drinks and a bit of a dance. I was unlucky however (probably due to a salad overdose) and was super bloated meaning I ended up having a peppermint tea whilst everyone else was sipping on cocktails haha.





Of course when we got back a couple of us made use of the hot tub again – bliss – sitting in the pitch black at 1am in warm colour changing water with a pint in one hand!


We had planned another yoga session but it did not occur as some were hiding in bed aha and some of us tried to make breakfast (pancakes) but failed as the pans there were terrible and just stuck, so it ended up being muesli with fresh fruit!


So it was a relaxed morning and we were so happy as the sun came out, the weather couldn’t have panned out better as we had beach games planned for this morning. Our first game was to split into two teams and we had 10mins to gather things from the beach such as driftwood and shells to then create and decorate and Emily out of sand in 20 mins. I was a really funny task and everyone had such fun. Afterwards Emily had to complete some tasks to receive her award – a picnic on the beach. We had rhymed together some pirate style verse telling her what to do, it included running up a hill and declaring her Love to Andy to the sea, being buried in sand and lastly having to run fully into the sea, all of which she laughed at and did without any qualms aha, so she earned a glass of prosecco on the beach and a tasty picnic.






Although it was windy it was soo beautiful and we had a lovely time next to the sea! The next activity on the list was a spa afternoon, so we returned to the house and started off with Pimms and a dip in the hot tub! Next we put on some face masks painted more nails and then played a game, Codenames to be exact, a really fun game I’d urge you all to try! We’d made it even more special though by creating personalised cards related to Emily, although that did make the game so much more difficult!

In the evening Debbie cooked a three course vegan meal (the whole weekend was vegan) and we all got ready for our last night which was bod girl themed, so we dressed up in our fancy evening attire and had a blast. The meal was scrumptious, the cocktails tasty and and the laughter hilarious as we played more games late into the night!








So sadly Monday meant home day! We packed up and only had a brief stop to pick up our glazed and fired pottery before driving back to Durham!

What an amazing weekend it was though!!! Wish I was still there!

Love Carina xo