Good Morning my beautiful readers,

I am finally moving house!!!!! Wooo!!! It feels like I have been waiting soo long, well it has been aha 2-3 months! A friend of the family bought the house next to hers to rent out and she said she’d rent it out to me. Well not me alone sadly aha, but at least I finally have an affordable place to live. It is a three bed house and she is renting it out as a two bed, so I will be sharing with someone, not sure who yet, but I don’t have to find the second person luckily.

The house was in good condition but super dated and so she was going to have it partially renovated, however as things started it turned into a full renovation and thus it has of course taken so much longer than expected. Luckily my friend was super easy about crashing at hers for another two months aha for which I am soo grateful!

Anyway, now it’s finally time for me to move in! Yay! The past two days I have been helping clean the house and starting move things into place, there is still a few bit’s and pieces that need to be done, but it’s liveable now. Woo! Once the house is completely done I shall give you a house tour of course!

For now here is a picture of some lavender I bought for the garden which I am also excited to start putting together!


Love Carina xo

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