Hey peeps,

As you can tell from the title this blog post is about dairy, and by dairy I mean milk products, not eggs.

For years I have now been having stomach problems, some bloating but mostly sudden extreme stomach cramps which end in explosive diarrhoea (sorry for the visuals aha but just being honest). These stomach problems have built up such an anxiety in me that I now have a fear of travelling or being in situations where there’s no toilets about in case I get these stomach cramps which I can’t control. ย This is making my life very restrictive, like when I go to the theatre or cinema I need to have a aisle seat, and even the smallest 20min walks in unknown places can make my anxiety rise dramatically!

Anyway, I have been to the doctors twice and they started looking into things with a blood and stool test, but nothing was really found and then I went away volunteering ย in November and when I came back in December I moved house, so I’ve not been to continue the testing yet, but I really want an allergy/intolerance test! Yes I know I could lead a food diary and I have tried that in the past, but it’s soo difficult to keep up with and I’ve always given up.

For a couple of months now I have been reducing my dairy intake by substituting milk for almond milk and not eating much cheese or obviously chocolate (ass it contains too much sugar) anymore and I do think it has made a difference. For example, on Easter Sunday, I indulged in chocolate and in the afternoon/evening I got a really bad stomach. Another time I had broccoli cheese and half an hour later I was on the toilet for like 20 minutes aha. So although I have never been tested for lactose intolerance, I am pretty sure I am. My stomach is definitely better when I avoid dairy, so I am taking the plunge and going completely milk free, well mostly aha.

I am now sticking to almond or soya milk, both unsweetened of course to avoid unnecessary sugars, I use dairy free butter/a sunflower spread and I actually rather like the vegan cheese I’ve been using.ย However I will still occasionally have a croissant or a pizza, luckily shop bought ones are usually not covered in cheese so its not an overdose like it would be on a takeaway pizza or something. I will see how my stomach continues. I definitely think there’s other things out there that don’t agree with my gut either. I will keep you updated!

Love Carina xo

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