Hey you guys,

So to follow up from my last post I was buying my usual vegan VioLife cheese in Tesco the other day and saw their free from range on cheeses was on 3 for 2. I didn’t even realise they had that many options, so I thought I’d try some new vegan cheeses and let you know what I think.


For Christmas my parents had bought me this pretty cheese board, and it’s first time being used is with vegan cheese haha! The four cheeses I am comparing are VioLife, Jalapeno&Chilli Cheddar, Mature Cheddar and Soft Cheese.


No.1 VioLife 200g – Β£2.30 – 5/5 stars

This is the first ever vegan cheese I tried and by far my favourite! It has quite a rubbery texture but I like the taste and I could nibble on it all day aha. However I tried making nachos with it and it really does not melt well at all.

No.2 Freefrom Mature Cheddar 200g – Β£2.25 – 1/5

Ok – this cheese stinks! and I don’t mean blue cheese stink, I don’t know aha, I just can’t get past the smell! It tastes like it smells. It melts better than the VioLife and has a more crumbly cheese like texture. The best way to eat it is with grapes, however I still don’t really like it and will not be buying it again.

No.3 Freefrom Jalapeno&Chilli Cheddar 200g – Β£2.25 – 3/5 stars

This is essentially the same as the mature cheddar, but as it is flavoured it does taste better. It smells too but the jalapeno&chilli make the cheese tastier for sure and the smell is less overpowering.

No.4 Freefrom Soft Cheese – 3/5 stars

Again this soft cheese has a similar smell to the other Freefrom cheeses but like the jalapeno&chilli it isn’t as poignant as the mature cheddar. It’s quite a plain cheese, but has a good texture and I think it would really benefit with some spicing up, so tip – add some fresh herbs and pepper into the cheese.

I have since looked on Tesco online and seen that there are even more Freefrom and VioLife products so I might do a follow up on this post testing what else is out there! Let me know what you think – I’d love to hear if any of you have tried any of these cheeses too!

Love Carina xo

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