Hello guys,

Sorry for being quiet on the blogging front, I’ve not had any internet in my new house over the past week and I’m still not sure when I’ll be getting it back yet. So I am currently sitting in Dad’s cafe writing this before my shift starts aha.

So I was thinking about the word diet the other day and how to me it is a horrible almost dangerous word. I feel like being on a diet is not exactly something I would be proud to brag about; to me it is and always has been rather something to be ashamed of. It makes me feel like there’s something wrong with me which I need to correct; and no one should be made to feel like that! Diets to me are temporary things and so when I fall of the  band wagon I tend to struggle to get back on and usually give up just going back to gaining whatever I had lost.

I wanted to abandon the word diet – it’s unhealthy!

However in comparison I feel like leading a healthy lifestyle and looking after ones body is, on the other hand, something to brag about and be proud of. I feel like I can proudly say that I am transitioning into a healthier lifestyle because of it’s many benefits, including weightloss, but I am not on a diet which is targeted at weightloss and makes me feel ashamed for being big. A healthy lifestyle if a journey, it’s your life, it’s infinite in a way and so if I have a couple too many bad days I find myself more easily consoled than when I am on a diet, because I don’t put myself under the mental pressure of having failed. I feel like a diet has a ultimate goal, so you either achieve and reach it or you fail, whereas a healthy lifestyle is a continual learning curve, so there is never an end goal which you either achieve or fail; as it’s a continuing journey I just tell myself it’s OK to stumble along the way and up I get and try again!

I get excited thinking of my health journey as it’s a whole new lifestyle for me and not just something that lasts a couple of weeks or isn’t sustainable. Reducing sugar and booze, exercising more, becoming more mindful and hopefully transitioning to a vegan diet eventually are the goals I am working on because they all have so many health benefits. The idea of having a healthy slimmer body with a clear mind and happy being is just much more fulfilling than the thought of just being slim.

Well I’m not sure if my ramblings make any sense, but please do let me know what you think too – I’d love to know!

Love Carina

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