Hey guys,

Still stuck with no internet at home! eurgh! So only managing weekly posts at the moment whilst at dads cafe before I start my shift.

Before I start this post I also need to admit that I have now been on a plateau for the last two months! shock – horror! Time has just flown by and I started slacking I guess, deluding myself. Anyway I am not proud and I am hoping that the challenge I ma setting myself for the next month will help focus me again and bring me back on track. I have set myself the challenge of going booze free and vegan for 1 month! (so no more pizza and wine for now aha)


I have been toying with the idea of becoming vegan for a while now; definitely for animal cruelty reasons and the environment but also very much so for health reasons. However I can’t lie, I do love the taste of meat and eggs are such a staple part of my diet so how on earth would I manage going fully vegan?!?! As you know I have already cut out most milk products from my life as I believe I am lactose intolerant and for a good month or so I haven’t bought any supermarket mass produced meat anymore but rather quorn, vegetarian sausages or occasionally organic humanely butchered meat from a small local farm. So I have been making some changes already.

Furthermore I have decided I want to give up alcohol for a month too, again for the health benefits. I seem to have formed a habit of having a beer (or sometimes 2 or even 3) after work nearly every day! It’s not healthy and even though i don’t drink to get drunk, 2 pints can still leave me feeling rather groggy the next morning! I am not yet ready to become tea total but I think it would benefit me having a bit of an alcohol detox for now and then afterwards in the long run try to reduce the amount I drink in general and sticking to low alcohol beers for example. This should also help get me off this horrid plateau as I always disregard alcohol calories!

Anyway, so without fully committing myself yet I wanted to do a trial month of veganism and being tea total to really see and feel the health benefits in the hope that there will be drastic positive changes that motivate me to then continue veganism and at least reduce my alcohol intake. As it was my birthday on Thursday I’ve been enjoying celebrating over the weekend and will now be starting this challenge on Monday! So wish me luck! We’ll see how it goes!

Love Carina xo


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