Hi my beautiful readers,

I just wanted to give you a mini update on my vegan and no booze month:

Day 1 = Fail!

I had some dairy, but to be fair it was unintentional! For my dinner I had some pesto that needed using, and before you say pesto isn’t vegan, it was a free from pesto with no gluten or dairy products in it. Now I had pasta to eat with it or gnocchi and as I was too lazy to wait 15 mins for the pasta I decided to have the gnocchi, which I also love! However as I was cooking them it dawned on me that I should probably check the label to double check Β ingredients and that’s when I discovered they had milk proteins in them – oops!


This just made me realise I really am going to have to check everything even if one wouldn’t automatically think certain products would contain milk!

I wonder if vegan gnocchi exist – does anyone know?? Because I adore them! Or maybe I’ll have to try making them myself aha!

Well I’ve learnt my lesson – read all the packaging aha!

Hope you’re having a good day!

Love Carina xo

10 thoughts on “ALREADY FAILING!

  1. Why wouldn’t pesto be vegan?
    You might find it helpful checking for kosher symbols as we have to specify if something contains meat or dairy products or neither (called parev – but can contain eggs and fish). You aren’t failing, you are learning how to do it.


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