Hey guys,

I have been wanting to blog my Cruelty-free Eco Skin Care Routine for quite a while now and I’ve finally got round to taking some photos and being organised again. I hope you enjoy and can be inspired to start in-cooperating your own cruelty free eco products into your skin care routine!


Firstly I want to introduce you to an amazing eco friendly cleansing pad hack which my best friend Emily told me about! I love it – it’s fab! Instead of using cleansing wipes or cotton pads which only add to our piles of landfil rubbish that can’t be recycled why not use Organic Nursing Pads which can be washed and reused time after time again and will save you a fair bit of money in the long run too! I find the nursing pads are gentler on my skin in comparison to the harsh chemicals on cleansing wipes which I used to use all the time!

Now as for my skin care routine, I’m feeling great knowing the things I ma now buying are cruelty free and mostly vegan too. In this blog post I am using products from the Bodyshop (a brand that doesn’t test on animals and which is mostly vegan bar products like the honey range) and BalanceMe (a brand that doesn’t test on animals and aims to be as natural as possible) just going to put it out there, I very often don’t use products the way they are designed to be used; eg. I might use a toner as as a makeup remover instead of using it as the last step in my makeup removal cleansing routine.


I begin taking my makeup off with the Bodyshop Vitamin E Hydrating Toner. I love this toner. It is gentle on my skin, works well at removing makeup and leaves it feeling fresh and bright. What’s not to like?!

The Bodyshop Tea Tree Clearing Foaming Cleanser is what I had originally bought to remove my makeup before using the toner, however even two pumps of the foam doesn’t go very far. It doesn’t wet the nursing cleansing pad well enough for my liking to efficiently remove makeup and just kinda disappears. Thus I use it after the toner to  just remove the last dregs of makeup.


Next I use the Bodyshop Vitamin C Energizing Face Spritz. I’m not exactly sure it energizes my face, however it is very refreshing especially on a warm summer morning and I feel gives some hydration to my just cleansed skin.

Now these my next two products are testers I received in a magazine and I love them!!! I really want to repurchase them but they are on the pricier side of things although then again they do stretch quite far too. Both the BalanceMe Restore and Replenish Face Cream and the BalanceMe Wonder Eye Cream smell amazing! They really do smell like the natural ingredients that they use, which I love! I massage the eye cream onto my skin first and then follow with the face cream. I find they are also absorbed quite quickly into the skin and leave it feeling very soft and refreshed! If you haven’t tried any BalanceMe products yet but don’t want to splash out the big bucks, definitely keep you eyes open in magazines for testers!!!

Well that’s my evening skin care routine for you! I hope you’ve enjoyed it! Let me know of your favorite cruelty free/vegan products in comments below!

Love Carina xo


Hey guys,

As you can tell from the title this post is going to be about Pride. This weekend celebrates Newcastle Pride’s 10th Birthday and 16,000 people turned up to march through central Newcastle before retiring to Town Moor park for music, fun and drinks. I went along yesterday with my work family. It was my first ever Pride event and I had a great time.

I came out as bi earlier this year and since then the LGBT scene and the need to raise awareness and fight for equal rights amongst other things has become even more important to me and thus I was excited to be attending my first Pride event with my boys from work. It was amazing seeing such a mixed bunch of people of all ages turn up to march. Standing together there was such a feeling of solidarity and acceptance. Everyone felt comfortable just being themselves, no fear of judgement. It was lovely seeing the support from onlookers too, some who weren’t physically able to participate in the march stood at the sidelines and waved flags, others held up supportive signs as we marched past or waved and cheered. Although the weather was miserable, the atmosphere was great and the drizzly murkiness did not dampen anyone’s moods or spirits.

After the march we arrived at Town Moore, got our VIP wristbands and settled down at a table with a view of the stage. At one point we were huddled under our umbrellas which was a shame, but the music acts were good, the drinks and talk flowed and when the sun finally came out the smiles turned into grins and we danced away. Before we left the park the guys also went on some rides and tried to get me on some too although I was not to be persuaded as my stomach wasn’t feeling too great and I’m quite honestly surprised non of them threw up aha!

Town was packed when we walked back but we grabbed a quick bite to eat and went for a short boogie before getting the last train back to Durham feeling absolutely exhausted, I mean no wonder we had been out for 11 hours.

Me, Ryan and Aiden, Bradley ❤ 

I really enjoyed my first pride event, although I do think it would be nice if there was also more awareness raising after the march, in the sense of more talks about current LGBT situations around the world, how far we’ve come but also how much still needs to change… I know there were a few video clips, but sadly the sound was too quiet for me to actually understand anything.

To end with a bit of food for thought; it is great seeing how much progress we have made across the world, but as one of speakers said whilst having fun today we should also think of those less fortunate than us. I feel like I take LGBT acceptance for granted here in England, there’s a certain detachment from the problems people in other countries might be experiencing, but then I just need to look across the sea to Northern Ireland where same sex marriage isn’t legal yet, to be reminded that injustice is’t far around the corner. So with Theresa May in bed with the DUP and Trump running around America who knows what the next few years hold for the LGBT community! I hope it will be an ever growing forward moving motion and that we will not be taking any steps backwards.

Lots of Love for you guys!

Carina xo


Hey guys,

I just worked 10 days straight the other day and then finally got a well needed 2 days off! On Tuesday the weather was glorious and I decided I would pack myself a little picnic and enjoy the sunshine down by the river Wear in Durham where I live.


It was lovely!!! I made myself a vegan chorizo sausage, salad and humus wrap and took some watermelon with me too. I love watermelon and this was the first one I had bought this year – it was delicious!


I put down my blankets, read my book and magazine all the while listening to the Civil Wars one of my favourite groups! It was such a chilled atmosphere and some really needed me time in nature did me the world of good!

Anyone else spend some relaxed time in nature recently?

Love Carina xo



Hey guys,

Firstly, I am so sorry that I have been MIA recently! I have now finally got the internet back and will be trying to get back to blogging regularly again!

As you know I spent the last month being vegan. I really enjoyed the challenge and only caved once to have a nibble, literally a teeny bite of an egg and of a teeny bite of a slice of salami. However although I managed pretty well I did miss certain things, or rather a month without was fine, but a forever without stresses me a little aha. Thus I have decided for now to allow myself the occasional exception, eg. 1 croissant a month and a dippy egg or something.

You may think well that’s not being vegan and no, it isn’t being 100% vegan, but you know what, I am still proud of myself for the changes I have made so far. Leading a mostly vegan diet is still making a bigger impact on my health, the environment and animal welfare than if I hadn’t made any changes at all! I used to eat a lot of meat and dairy and I do hope that I will eventually become 100% vegan, just not right now.

So here just a couple of my Vegan meals from the last month:





Hope you have all been keeping well!

Love Carina xo