Hello guys,

So I’ve been really excited to write this blog post! I have been spending a little too much money recently aha but sometimes I just can’t help it, all things fashion, beauty or homeware just excite me too much and I don’t always have enough willpower to listen to my reason telling me ‘No Carina you don’t need this!’ aha. So here is my haul, anything I can find online I will add a link to. I hope you enjoy!

Unicorn Slippers – £4.99 B&M


Black Loafers – £15 Asda, Sunglasses – £1 B&M


Palm Leaf Duvet Cover – £14 (King Size) Asda, Yellow Cushion – £4 Asda


Buddha Tealight Holders – £3 each Asda, Fairylighs – £1 Poundland


Ivy plants – £1.50 each B&Q, White Romantisk Tray – £7 Ikea, Napkins – £0.90 Ikea, Tealights – £1.35 Ikea


Trinket dish – £1.50 Ikea, Candle holder – £2 Asda


Reusable Glass Bottle – £3 TKMaxx


Anybody else in a current shopping phase and buy anything exciting?

Hope you are all having a lovely day!

Love Carina xo

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