Hey guys,

I am currently in the process of redecorating my room, or rather changing up the colour scheme. Before my bedroom accessories were green and purple to match my main bedding. However I have recently bought new duvet covers and wanted to change things up a bit. I am keeping the green but getting rid of the purple and adding mustard yellow and grey.

Instead of buying lots of new accessories I thought I would get crafty and do some DIY. My bedside lamps and two of my tealight holders were purple so I decided to spray paint them grey.

Here’s what I did:

Make sure to begin by cleaning the surfaces to get rid of any dust and dirt which might cause an uneven coverage.

Next take out the bulbs. Then cover the inside bits where the bulbs attach and the cords in tissue or newspaper. Make sure to cover the cords far enough because I didn’t and ended up getting a bit of paint on them aha.

Then spray paint away. Make sure you are outside and cover the ground. Also don’t spray too close otherwise you will get too much product causing the paint to drip and not get an even coverage.

And voila the finished product! I am really happy with the results. The right lampshade had a rougher material and thus didn’t take to the spray paint as well, so the smoother the surface the better the finished effect. However I am still pleased with the outcome and I now have new lamps and tealight holders for a grand total of Β£3.95 instead of having to buy new ones which would have on the cheapest end still cost Β£14; so I saved myself at least a tenner.

Love Carina xo


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