Good morning beautiful souls,

This morning after months of not being at the gym (bar yoga on a Wednesday evening) I have finally gone back! My housemate Jessica encouraged me as she wanted to go too, so we went together. I am so happy to be starting a routine again!

We started on a high incline walk on the treadmills, then went on the bikes for 10 mins on an alpine hill course before finishing off with some weight training. It wasn’t the biggest session today but we’ll ease ourselves into it. I’m glad I’ve got company actually because it means I’ll be more likely to stick to a routine too.

Annoyingly I had fallen into a routine of no sugar counting again and so I had of course put weight back on. I started my weightloss journey last January, it’s like 9 months later now and all I have lost is 1st and a bit as I have just put back on some of my original weightloss again. I can’t get to January and be at the same place I started again!! Time to get my shit back together again!!!

So I will start counting my sugar intake again and upping my workouts so that I can hopefully get another 2 stone off by Christmas 😊

So to end this post, here’s a picture of my delicious breakfast; I am currently obsessed with this porridge!

Love Carina xo


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