Good morning beautiful souls,

I am surprised at myself at the moment because I am eating so much porridge. Last year this would have been my worst nightmare! Well not quite my worst nightmare haha, but I used to feel the taste got a bit sickly after eating it to much, so I didn’t eat porridge at all really over the past couple of years; but this year, to my big surprise I am absolutely loving it and I have it for breakfast almost very morning! I am obsessed with a particular porridge at the moment and really wanted to share it with you! So let’s get going!


Oats – cinnamon – raisins/dates – nuts/seeds (I usually use almonds, brazil nuts & chia seeds) – frozen berries – apple compote – 1tbsp of supergreens powder – coconut – unsweetened soy/almond milk

How to make:

Put the oats, milk of your choice, cinnamon, supergreens powder, frozen berries and currants/dates into a pot and heat – keep stirring so it does not stick – once at the consistency you want serve into a bowl – top with nuts/seeds, coconut and apple compote (you can have the apple compote cold to contrast the warm porridge or you can briefly heat it up to – up to you)

Et voila – Enjoy!

And there you have my currant (and yes the spelling is on purpose haha) favourite porridge recipe! Please let me know what you think if you try it!! Hope you all have a wonderful Thursday!

Love Carina xo


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