Good evening lovelies,

One of my favourite Halloween decorations this year are these cute milk bottle ghosts I made. I saw the idea on pinterest and fell in love! Not only are they easy to make but it’s also recycling what would otherwise be rubbish, so I’m a big fan. I thought you might enjoy knowing how to create these too, so here’s how.

Save all your old milk bottles.

Take off all the lids, remove labels and wash out.

Next grab a knife or scissors and cut out a section of the back of the bottle.

Grab a marker and draw on whatever faces you’d like.

Then use a fine paint brush and black paint and paint on the faces thickly so no light can shine through.

To light up the bottles buy led candles or alternatively you can use fairylights.

And there you have it, milk bottle ghosts!

Hope you enjoyed this post!

Love Carina xo

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