Good evening beautiful souls,

It’s well into November now, so I thought I’d let you know how I got on with my month of SOBER OCTOBER.

Firstly I didn’t only give up the booze, I also stopped smoking for the month and that was definitely the more difficult out of the two. The first two weeks the cravings were horrible and I struggled not to join my housemate on his tab breaks, but in week three they subsided and in week four I was doing just fine. The booze was easier to cut out, but at events like my dads birthday getaway it was hard to say no. However I stuck to my guns and treated myself with other things like a rose lemonade. 

I raised over Β£80 for Macmillan and did my body some good in one way, although I do feel like I took up more snacking instead, which isn’t good. So instead of loosing a couple of lbs due to no alcohol I ended up gaining some due to snacking more. 

Now the month is over I am enjoying being able to have a drink again. I admit I have had couple of cigarettes too, but only when having a drink, so I have managed to quit my everyday smoking which im really pleased with. 

Well that’s my update! Hope you’re all having a great day! 

Love Carina xo


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