‘A self-discovery, perceived development of one’s best potentials, a sense of purpose and meaning in life, intense involvement in activities, investment of significant effort, and enjoyment of activities as personally expressiv, deep relationships’

Good evening beautiful souls,

This evening I was invited to an exhibition preview in Durham. I have been looking into getting an art studio space for myself for a while and TESTT spaces in Durham where I had inquired, invited me along to their first exhibition preview tonight. It was a great opportunity for me to enjoy some art and check out potential studio spaces. I had a lovely evening. TESTT space is a great space above the bus centre in North Road in Durham and I loved seeing what has previously been a derelict place, finally being put to good use. Durham lacks an art scene at the moment and thus I’m extremely excited to see this project blossom. It is quite a new venture and has only been open for just over half a year, but it’s already growing and expanding to be able to accommodate more and more artists. Anyway here are some photos from the exhibition. If you are local I highly recommend you check it out and support local artists!


Love Carina xo

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