Good evening beautiful souls,

How has your day been?! Have you been enjoying the snow as much as me?!

I was lucky enough to have a day off today, or should I say unlucky because both cafΓ©s I work at shut today anyway because of the wintery weather snowing everyone in. Yesterday I said I just wanted the spring and sunshine already, but when it snows properly like this I can’t help but change my mind because I do kinda love a winter wonderland!

I spent the morning doing some summer holiday research and then finally being crafty and starting to work on a Lino print which made me really happy! In the afternoon Jessica and I wrapped up warm, put on our wellies (she had to borrow my second pair and needed 4 pairs of socks because of her little size 3 feet aha) and walked into Durham to get some shopping done!

aden with heavy shopping bags full of groceries to make vegan spaghetti bolognese for dinner and ingredients for yummy cocktails we hopped on the bus back home.

Once home we cleaned the house ready for Anna who is coming over for dinner any minute now for dinner and then we’ll probably sit down and watch the Theory of Everything. Has you seen this movie?! It’s amazing and I definitely recommend it!!

Anyway I better start cooking!

I hope you’ve had wonderful day too, maybe even been off work?!


21 thoughts on “SNOW FLURRIES

  1. Alas I could not have the day off work because 1) I walk so unless I’m literally snowed in it wouldn’t work and 2) the nhs must go on regardless. Your day off looks like a lot of fun though xx

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    1. Aha I walk too, but in my case I’m one of few live close enough to walk and as my boss and the kitchen staff live more out in the country I think and none of them could get into town, we could hardly open aha. But yes that is true ❀ The NHS I'm sure have had to work even harder than usual during the last few days ❀ I hope you managed to have some fun in the snow though πŸ™‚ xo

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