Good evening beautiful souls,

I wanted to write a little review on Finding Your Feet as soon as I’d seen it on Mothers Day, but I completely forgot. My bad. So here is a belated review and I hope that some cinemas are still showing this movie so that if you haven’t seen it yet you can still go and watch this gem of a movie!

The trailer depicts a light hearted story of a woman ‘finding her feet’ reconnecting with her sister, making new friends and learning to stand up for herself. The actual movie has so much more depth to it though and is full of various elements viewers can relate to which makes it quite poignant.

The movie begins with Sandra (Imelda Staunton), a middle-class snob who takes refuge with her bohemian sister Bif (Celia Imrie) on the eve of her retirement after she discovers her husband is having an affair with her best friend.

This blow however comes as a blessing in disguise as she slowly rekindles her lost relationship with her sister. After reluctantly being dragged to Bif’s dance class one day she also eventually learns to relax, come off her high horse and find joy in life again. Her sisters easy going positivity begins to rub off on her and Sandra slowly begins to find her true feet as she realises how much she’d had to give up in her previous life and how little freedom she’d really had.

Whilst this is the main thread of the narrative the plot also adds depth by delving into other difficult and moving subjects within the storylines of Bif and Charlie (played by Timothy Spall) as their struggles are gradually revealed.

To keep the movie from being to serious and more light hearted the link between characters is introduced in the form of dancing. It’s a beautiful sideline story that follows Bif’s dance class perform, get talent spotted and win a trip to Italy for some added foreign flair. The music, mischief, laughter and friendships found through dancing make you smile and even give way to a couple of laugh out loud moments.

What makes this movie so down to earth and heart warming is the balance of the light and dark elements in the lives of the characters and which are so relatable to us. Watching the growth of the Sandra, Charlie’s acceptance and Bif’s outlook on life and how they each cope with the unfair and difficult hand they get dealt with in life is heart wrenching and moving alike.

I very much recommend this movie and I won’t deny I shed a tear or two!!!

If you’ve seen it I’d love to know your thoughts on it!


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