Good evening beautiful souls,

Today has been a lovely day, I finally had a day off and could enjoy the good weather. So as I’ve been out in the sun enjoying myself I’ve not had the time to prepare a post, so here’s a quick one on the clear out of my dining room cabinet the other day!

Bit by bit the display cabinet in our dining room has accumulated a hoard of stuff. I love a good tidy display and as our cabinet has glass doors it was high time to give it a good clear out and reorganisation the space!

Here’s the before and afters:

I know it may not be the biggest change but having it less cluttered makes such a big difference and now I have space for all my beautiful loose teas too!

Love Carina xo


  1. Can you come organise my kitchen next??! I love the jars with the handwritten labels on them – I’ve been meaning to do something similar since Lucie did it in one of her episodes Try Living with Lucie. Where did you get them from? xx

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    1. You know I totally would as well aha, I find organising so satisfying πŸ˜ƒ
      These are 1L Kilner Jars and I bought them of Amazon, I think it was about Β£26 for 12 so it’s just over Β£2 a jar 😊 hope that helps xo

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