About Me



Hey there beautiful souls,

Welcome to Simply Carina xo!

I’m Carina, a 24 year old vegan, fine art graduate and current barista. I am an avid reader, serial Netflix watcher and have a passion for good coffee and travel.

After reducing my meat and dairy intake for a good year I made it my New Years Resolution to turn fully Vegan beginning in 2018. My love for baking and cooking made changing my diet quite easy and I now enjoy experimenting with all these new scrumptious vegan recipes. Another thing that is becoming increasingly important to me is becoming more eco friendly and trying to minimalise my possessions, which is rather difficult when I have a shoe addiction and struggle to resist buying new clothes.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the glimpse into my everyday life following me on my vegan journey to become more eco friendly.

I try to post every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday and you will find posts covering everything from fashion & beauty to my personal health & fitness journey.

I hope you enjoy!

Love Carina xo