Good evening beautiful souls,

This week something happened that finally gave me a kick in the backside to begin working towards a future.

I received a text from my dad a couple of days ago telling me about a job I might be interested in. The vacancy was for a print technician in the art department at Newcastle University. You might think I’d have been excited by this opportunity but instead my heart just dropped. Yes, this job was right up my street and a little spark of excitement did briefly flicker, however I knew there was no point in kidding myself – I just didn’t have sufficient enough skills to apply for the position!

It was in my last weeks at university when I first realised I’d missed an opportunity. I was in the print room almost daily finishing off my work for my degree show when it suddenly dawned on me that being a print technician was a job I would actually really enjoy. Why, when thinking about what to do after university, had I never thought about this before?! I’d never given teaching a thought because that really just wasn’t my thing, but this was different; being a print technician was technical teaching and not academic which is what I wanted to avoid.

Dang the realisation that I had been wasting my time at uni suddenly hit me hard. I should have been using the facilities and knowledge from tutors and technicians to really learn all there was to know about printmaking and excel in different methods; but nope, I had decided to not broaden my horizons but stick to the drypoint engraving technique I knew because I was comfortable with it and it yielded good results.

Thus, knowing I didn’t have enough printmaking knowledge for this job vacancy and being reminded of my missed opportunity to have gained it at university, I was really gutted and very annoyed at myself. However it also sparked an excitement for printmaking in me again and made me realise that although I didn’t have the knowledge to apply now, it didn’t mean I couldn’t acquire the knowledge needed and apply for a job like this in the future. It was time to stop moping around and start taking my future into my own hands by working towards something!

So off inspired and excited me went to look up books on printmaking on Amazon. I ended up investing in two; one on various printmaking techniques and another on how to learn to earn from printmaking. The first one I picked up as a general knowledge kinda book, to teach me more about techniques I have already used as well as to learn about ones IĀ  have never tried before and the second because one of my goals this year is to run an art workshop at my dads cafe, and there’s a section on how to run workshops in it.


Now the other thing I have been hung up about since leaving uni is that I can’t print anymore because I don’t own a printing press. However I never even stopped to consider going out of my comfort zone and looking into other types of printmaking which perhaps don’t actually involve a printing press. So can you guess what else I invested in?! Yup I got myself a little Lino set to finally get some printing done again! I never used to like lino much at school and uni, but I ma excited to just let loose and do some experimenting now!


I’m excited that my love for printing and art has finally been rekindled and that I have found a something that gives me the motivation to strive for something I want!

So here’s to getting my fingers dirty again and finding my art feet again!

I hope you have all had a wonderful week lovelies!

P.S. Would any of you be interested in more arty style posts? DIY’s and craft ideas…?!

Love Carina xo


Good evening beautiful souls,

When I woke this morning a blueish light was shining through my blinds, the sort of light that suggests the skies are white with snow, so when I took a peak outside I was sorely disappointed to discover no snowy pavements. However as I was making breakfast about an hour later the skies began to cloud over and small flakes started to fall. By the time I was getting ready to leave for work they had tripled in size and the ground was covered in a thick white blanket. I decided to take my camera and walk to work so that I could enjoy this winter wonderland, even if only for half an hour or so, as it would probably be gone by tomorrow morning again!Ā I can’t deny I was beyond excited as I put on my wellies. Strolling through the snow I was in my element, nothing could change my mood, not even slipping and getting my bottom soaked haha. Anyway I just wanted to share some of the photos I took. I hope you enjoy!


Anybody else love the snow??

Love Carina xo


‘A self-discovery, perceived development of one’s best potentials, a sense of purpose and meaning in life, intense involvement in activities, investment of significant effort, and enjoyment of activities as personally expressiv, deep relationships’

Good evening beautiful souls,

This evening I was invited to an exhibition preview in Durham. I have been looking into getting an art studio space for myself for a while and TESTT spaces in Durham where I had inquired, invited me along to their first exhibition preview tonight. It was a great opportunity for me to enjoy some art and check out potential studio spaces. I had a lovely evening. TESTT space is a great space above the bus centre in North Road in Durham and I loved seeing what has previously been a derelict place, finally being put to good use. Durham lacks an art scene at the moment and thus I’m extremely excited to see this project blossom. It is quite a new venture and has only been open for just over half a year, but it’s already growing and expanding to be able to accommodate more and more artists. Anyway here are some photos from the exhibition. If you are local I highly recommend you check it out and support local artists!


Love Carina xo


Good evening beautiful souls,

On Thursday the Durham Lumiere began. It is the UK’s biggest light festival and works with different artists to bring various light displays to the centre of Durham. The Lumiere is a four day event drawing in people from all over England to come and see the light festival. This is the Lumiere’s 4th year and it’s the first time I have been!! I was only at uni in Sunderland, so just up the road really, so I don’t know why I never bothered to come home to Durham to see the previous Lumieres I realise now I totally missed out!

So I was very excited to finally go and see all the light installations! I went with my housemate Jessica and we walked around for a good 2hs; I absolutely loved it! We only saw about half of the Lumiere and I’m gutted I didn’t go back another day to see the rest, but Sunday after work I was just far too tired to go out into the cold again.

Anyway, here are the things we went to see:




























Did anyone else go and see the Lumiere? What were your thought’s on it?

Love Carina xo