Good evening beautiful souls,

One of my resolutions this year is to minimalise and so when I had the first 10 days of January off I decided it was a good time to start! The first rooms I cleared out were the kitchen and the living room. I have acquired so many mugs over the past few years (I definitely have a thing for pretty mugs, just can’t stop myself buying more!) I decided it was time to say goodbye to all the mugs I hadn’t used in ages as well as other bits and bobs of crockery and glasses! I had a couple of DVD’s I could part with and also some cushions as the living room was almost littered with them. Although overall there wasn’t masses to get rid off in these to rooms/ maybe I could even have been more brutal, it still felt good to empty the cupboards a little.




Next I decided it was time to sort through all my clothes – a task I always dread because I tend to come up with excuses like ooh but I really love this or ooh but what if I need this one day for this specific reason… However I managed to be quite brutal and get rid of a decent amount.

Clearing out tip: Make four piles 1. to keep 2. to sell 3. to donate and 4. to bin

Then be tough with yourself, ask yourself when did I wear this last? If you haven’t worn in the last 6 months or so it should go (unless it’s special occasion wear or something).  The next step is then to decide on the quality of the item. Ask yourself – Is it good enough to sell? If yes then great put it up on Ebay, Depop or Shpock! If no then ask yourself – is it good enough to donate? Again if yes then fab put it in the donate pile and if no then put it in the bin pile!

Remember: be brutal – there are always going to be new lovely clothes, or whatever items you are sorting out, that you are going to want – you can’t hold onto everything forever!



Three hourse, one full Ikea bag and two washing baskets later, I was all done. I only have one clothing rail full of clothes left now and some basics in my cupboard. Even though I feel like I can never find anything to wear, looking at my full clothing rail and cupboard now, I still think that I own far too many clothes and have decided that I would like to reduce the amount even more, but for now I believe this is a good start!


If you think that is my spring clean done I’m afraid you are wrong there really is still so much more to go through, like all my jewellery, makeup and shoes… It may feel like a big task to really deep clean your belongings but I’m looking forward to continuing this task because it just feels great to clear out and have a tidier and less cluttered space!


Has anyone else been doing any spring cleaning or sorting out this January??

Love Carina xo


Good evening beautiful souls,

I finally had the chance to look around some shops the other day and allowed myself to pick up some treats with my Christmas money. The best thing was I managed to get one or two things which I’d been eyeing up for a while but that were now on sale; one being a ring from Accessorize and the other a backpack from New Look. The best thing was that New Look had another 20% off sales items too so I got some really good bargains!

Here’s what I got:

New Look Backpack £7.20

New Look Jumpsuit £8

Accessorize sunglasses £4.20

Accessorize Ring £5.70


New Look Boots £11.20

New Look Bralette £3.20

Hope you all managed to grab yourself some sales bargains too!

Love Carina xo


Hey guys,

I am currently in the process of redecorating my room, or rather changing up the colour scheme. Before my bedroom accessories were green and purple to match my main bedding. However I have recently bought new duvet covers and wanted to change things up a bit. I am keeping the green but getting rid of the purple and adding mustard yellow and grey.

Instead of buying lots of new accessories I thought I would get crafty and do some DIY. My bedside lamps and two of my tealight holders were purple so I decided to spray paint them grey.

Here’s what I did:

Make sure to begin by cleaning the surfaces to get rid of any dust and dirt which might cause an uneven coverage.

Next take out the bulbs. Then cover the inside bits where the bulbs attach and the cords in tissue or newspaper. Make sure to cover the cords far enough because I didn’t and ended up getting a bit of paint on them aha.

Then spray paint away. Make sure you are outside and cover the ground. Also don’t spray too close otherwise you will get too much product causing the paint to drip and not get an even coverage.

And voila the finished product! I am really happy with the results. The right lampshade had a rougher material and thus didn’t take to the spray paint as well, so the smoother the surface the better the finished effect. However I am still pleased with the outcome and I now have new lamps and tealight holders for a grand total of £3.95 instead of having to buy new ones which would have on the cheapest end still cost £14; so I saved myself at least a tenner.

Love Carina xo


Good morning guys,

Recently I have been in a real shopping mood because there are so many cosy autumnal things that I currently want. It’s a dangerous time seeing all these things I want to buy and it’s difficult trying to restrain myself from spending too much money aha.

I like all seasons and can never decide which is my favourite time of year; however when it comes to fashion, Autumn has definitely got to be my favourite! I am a sucker for deep dark colours so when the mustard’s and wine reds come out and it’s time to snuggle up in big knits, I get really excited, I mean what’s not to love?!

Another thing I have become obsessed with in the last 3 years is homeware. I feel like I should have studied interior design so I could homeware shop all day long for other people, because I just don’t have the space or money to constantly rejig my bedroom theme or buy more homeware decorative pieces or add to my kitchen… aha.

Well, here are some of the things on my current wishlist, I might treat myself to some, like a new candle, others, like the yellow velvet shoes, I really want but would barely get any wear out of, I will only gaze at from a distance but not buy. Sometimes I wish I had an office job so I could wear nice clothes, get my nails done and wear heels aha, but when you work in a cafe/as an artist your clothes will always get dirty with coffee or paint, your nails would be ruined in no time and you’re on your feet most of the day so heels are not comfortable at all. Anyway, here’s my current autumn wishlist:

Yellow Velvet Block HeelsWanderlust CanvasChevron Knit ThrowCream Colour Block Ladder Lace Up Jumper

These New Look Mustard Velvet heels are the bomb! I am in love! However I know I would only ever wear them once or twice as I am not good with high heels; but that doesn’t stop me from admiring them from a distance!

This canvas from Wilko’s is just super cute and would fit well into the accessories scheme in my bedroom I think. I dream of travelling one day, this wish is so rooted into me that I feel it would only be appropriate to have the Wanderlust definition on my wall with this pretty floral nature pattern around it.

Throws, throws and more throws, I mean you can never have enough right?! This throw from Next just looks super cosy and snuggly and I need it aha. It’s getting solder now and my duvet just isn’t quite warm enough anymore so I want a new throw to match my new bedroom colour scheme to keep me that bit warmer at night.

What can I say about this River Island jumper?! It’s just so funky! I love the colour mix and pattern with the laced through effect on the side and sleeve. This would also look well cute with the velvet boots and a pair of black skinny jeans.

Black Suedette Embroidered Block Heel, Yankee Candle Cosy By The Fire, Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette, Black Sheer Floral Duster Coat, Black Fringe Sleeve Sweater, Vegan Polley Shoes

Again another pair of beautiful New Look Boots and again a pair I will probably admire from a distance as I sadly just wouldn’t get much wear out of them, but oh the embroidery is just stunning. I love floral patterns and this is a really nice design in beautiful colours.

I know it’s not Christmas yet but Yankee candles just smell amazing I think it’s never to early to accost your nose with wintery smells. They just ooze out cosy evenings and I love nothing more than to enjoy an evening in candle light whether it be with my favourite book or watching a movie with my housemates.

OMG can someone please just buy me this pallet already!?! Ever since Urban Decay’s Naked Heat pallet came out I have been drooling over these beautiful rustic colours and itching to try them. However I try to be sensible and I’m not sure I can justify splashing out on this at the moment whilst I have plenty of eyeshadows for the time being; but wee’ll see, maybe I’ll cave aha!

This River Island duster coat just aught my eye because of the beautiful rusty hues. This is probably to cold to wear without a coat in autumn, but would be perfect for a night out with a LBD for example.

Ah Dr.Martens how long I have eyed your shoes up! These pretty Polley shoes are from their Vegan range as I would not buy real leather shoes anymore. I am in love but at £115 I’m going to have to save up for quite a while!

I do love black as it just goes well with anything and this tassel jumper is just fab. The tassels just add that something extra and make it fun. You could pair this with a skirt, on top of a dress or with jeans, it’s a great versatile jumper.

Grey Check Trousers, The Little Book Of Hygge, Palm Leaf Duvet Set, Light Wash Ripped Mom Jeans

Trouser time! I have always been a leggings girl, but recently I have been loving my black cropped jeans and really want to add to my trouser collection. I love these checked high waisted trousers from River Island. They are smart but can be worn casual with just a black t-shirt and so they’d be perfect for me to wear to work still as well.

The Little Book off Hygge – it’s been on my wishlist for a while. Learning how to live well, finding a peaceful state of mind, seems like an important thing fro everyone to do! I think this is one of my wishlist items I will treat myself too!

Bedding – I love new bedding and I have resisted so long to buy new ones, but this one from Asda I just love. All my bedding is white or light colour based with greens and greys, but I love that blue is the background colour here. It gives a nice rich feel and with it getting colder I think I want a deeper darker coloured bedding, so I think I will invest in one.

And last but not least these cute River Island Mom Jeans. I struggle to find jeans that fit; as I have big thighs for them to fit there they will then usually be to loose around the waist. But I as I mentioned I have been loving a pair of black cropped skinny’s which I found in a charity shop actually, and they made me want to start wearing jeans more often which is great for this time of year anyway. I think I will definitely have to go jeans shopping soon!

So that is it for my current wishlist, do let me know what you think guys and I’d love to hear what’s on your current wishlist too!

Love Carina xo