Good evening beautiful souls,

Just a quick note to apologise that there won’t be a proper blog post tonight. I have spent the last two days in bed coughing my guts up and my throat raw all the while popping pills and herbal remedies. However I’m still no better and feel like death warmed up so I haven’t had the energy to plan any content. Sorry guys. I know you’ll forgive me! I hope you’ve all had a better weekend than me!


Love Carina xo


โ€‹Good evening beautiful souls,

Monday was mundane, work, nothing exciting. In the evening however Jessica, Anthony and myself sat down to watch a couple of episodes of Once upon a time which of course turned into more than a couple episodes. Walking into the kitchen afterwards I wanted to shield my eyes, so.many dishes. Once Anthony had left, I asked Jessica if she still felt awake, which she did, so at 12am we started operation clean-up! By 2am the kitchen and living room were spotless and I felt more at ease knowing some of the housework was done ๐Ÿ˜Š

All I wanted to do on Tuesday was have a lie in, but there was no time for that, well I lie I had a mini lie in. I put a wash on and then made porridge and coffee for myself and Jessica. We had a relaxing breakfast watching crappy morning TV. Then I forced myself to get up and start the day. I hung up my washing, packed my suitcase, and tidied my room. At about 1pm, Anthony came round for lunch and we watched another two episodes of once upon a time before I then set off to the airport.

I’m usually very anxious when traveling but I’d taken a kalms tablet and had my Harry Potter and the philosophers stone audiobook for company, so I surprised myself and coped quite well with the train to the airport and then the flight. I arrived in Belfast in no time at all where my uncle picked me up and took me for a pint, before going home to bed.

Eurghhh. That was literally my first thought on Wednesday morning. I felt ill; absolutely horrid, where had it come from?! I had a long lie in and eventually got up for some porridge and watched morning tv with my aunt, who just having got back from Vegas was not only suffering from jetlag but had also caught a cold. We looked a sorry lot sniffling around snuggled up on the couch.

My uncle was cute and took me out for food on his lunch break which was lovely. Then I spent the rest of the afternoon snuggled up reading my book and drinking plenty of tea to keep me hydrated. At some point I could barely keep my eyes open and went to lie down. When I got back up to get ready for surprising my grandpa on his 80th birthday meal, I felt worse then before I’d lain down. I almost wasn’t sure whether I could make the meal, but this was the whole reason I’d flown over, to surprise my grandpa on his 80th, so I could hardly not go. Putting on a brave face, I got ready and enjoyed the meal. My grandparents were both surprised, so I was a good birthday present aha. I had some soup which was perfect for how I was feeling and managed to enjoy the evening with all the family. When we got home my uncle and I warmed up a little mulled wine and gad a chat before heading to bed. It was a lovely evening all in all.

The next day I after a nice long and much needed lie in I was shipped off to stay with my grandparents. I felt so drained of energy I literally spent the next two days just sitting on the couch at my grandparents, drinking copious amounts of tea and finally taking the time to get some reading done. I even got my creative juices flowing on Friday and began writing which was fun.

Saturday I began to feel cooped up and decided to stretch my legs a bit. I went for a coffee in Carrick and read a bit before doing a spot of shopping. It was a nice afternoon getting out of the house for a bit.

I still didn’t feel any better this morning, it’s like is the medicine even doing anything?! Anyway I snuggled up on the couch watching Sunday brunch whilst my grandparents went to church. Then after a light bite to eat my uncle and little cousin picked me up to go ice skating which was great fun. I don’t think getting all hot and sweaty in the cold did me any good, but I didn’t want to disappoint my cousin and I must admit I had fun, I hadn’t been ice skating in over what must be 10 years! Now I’m back home again trying to warm up and ready for an early night.

Hope you’ve all had a great week, and aren’t full of the cold like me!

Love Carina xo


Good evening beautiful souls,

I just got home from running errands in town and I’ve been trying to finish my scheduled blog post for tonight, but I’m afraid I just can’t hack it. I started developing a headache at about 4pm and it has just progressed to the stage where even paracetamol doesn’t seem to be helping and I just have to go to bed and try and sleep it off. I am so sorry guys that you won’t be getting my planned ‘Got to autumn makeup look’ this evening, but this headache is so bad I can’t function at the moment and am not even sure if i’ll make it to yoga tonight! Hope you all have a lovely evening!

Love Carina xo


Hello friends,

Sorryย I didn’t post anything this weekend, my laptop fan broke and it was off being fixed. I haven’t done a kind of chat style post yet, so as I have been a bit unorganised and don’t have any content to post yet, I thought I would just update you on how I am felling today – which is crap haha!

In general I am really enjoying life at the moment apart from right now I have this annoying cold taking hold of me, turning the nasal tap on as well as blocking it at the same time and draining me of all my energy. I think it was just waiting to happen after August having been such a nonstop busy month and me not giving my body enough time to recuperate maybe.

So yesterday morning I started to feel a bit under the weather and could have done with an early night, however my housemates had planned a dinner and film evening. Anthony and Roop had cooked dinner and invited some friends over too so when I got home from work at around 8pm there was 7 of us sitting down to a yummy Indian/Lebanese dinner which was then followed by a lovely evening chatting and playing games instead of watching a movie. It ended up being 1am before we said goodnight to each other which was far too late for me because as the evening progressed and my nose got stuffier I knew I was definitely in for a full blown cold. I really should have gone to bed at 11 at the latest as I knew my body needed rest but I was having so much fun in really good company that I decided to not pay attention to my body.

Well only getting 5-6hs sleep definitely didn’t help because today I feel terrible. Nevertheless I have had a lovely day off so far. Jessica, Roop, Anthony and ย myself continued last nights socialising by having brunch together and playing more games, Code Names and The Settlers of Catan being the favourites. Then all of a sudden it was already 3.30pm and we all got up to get some work done and have a bite of lunch. I cleaned the house a bit, put a wash on and now I am writing this blog post. It’s not exactly been a productive day, but a much needed chilled one which has been perfect with me not feeling well. Sadly I am missing yoga tonight however, I just don’t feel up for it and want an early night to rest my body and catch up on sleep.

The one thing that has really pissed me off today though is the timing of my cold! Tomorrow my choir is backing four-time Brit Classical Award winner Russell Watson at the Gala Theatre in Durham and with this cold I won’t be able to participate – argh! I mean there is no way as I can hardly blow my nose on stage every five minutes! I am so annoyed to be missing this opportunity! I am popping the cold and flu pills and have been drinking so much tea to stay hydrated and help flush out the cold I am running to the toilet every two minutes aha; but sadly I don’t think that will improve my cold enough for me to be able to participate tomorrow evening – I’m absolutely gutted!

Anyway, I’m off to make myself a bowl of soup now and if I haven’t fallen asleep yet before Jessica get’s back from yoga I might just watch an episode of Game of Thrones with her. She’s never seen them before so I’m re-watching them all with her which is good fun.

Well have a nice evening beautiful souls!

Love Carina xo