Good evening beautiful souls,

Today is Durham Pride and I have spent a fab day celebrating love in all its beautiful forms with a bunch of amazing people 💟

Last year I went to Newcastle Pride with this lot (it was my first pride event) and this year I was excited go to Durham Pride.

We couldn’t have asked for a better day the weather has been amazing all day. Not a single cloud in sight, just brilliant hot sunshine. Anyway, I don’t have much to say really apart from I’m glad to be part of such an amazing LGBT community and I’ve had an absolutely brilliant day, well I’m still having a fab day and thus I just wanted to share a couple of photos with you:

Makeup and festival gems at the ready!!!

The March from Durham Cathedral down to the Sands (a field by the river Wear).

Celebrating with all these beautiful souls 💟

My delicious vegan burger from the Green Guerrilla which was to die for!

As sun was out all day I luckily thought to bring sun cream with me because some of us started to turn red pretty quickly!

The vibes were all super friendly and happy. We enjoyed entertainment from Stooshe, Lloyd Daniels some fabulous drag queens as well as many other acts…

Now we’re just having a bite to eat before heading out to town for a bit. I hope you have all also had a wonderful sunny happy day!!

Love Carina xo


Good morning guys,

Hope you’re all having a nice day so far! I may be stuck at work until 5pm today, but the sun is shining so it doesn’t seems so bad. At the moment the cafe is quiet so with the music softly playing in the background and nothing to do I thought I’d write a quick post sharing some of my favourite YouTuber’s with you.

I only really started getting hooked on YouTube about 2/3 years ago when one of my flatmates from uni told me about some of the YouTuber’s she followed and showed me some of their videos. It was then I realised I enjoyed watching vlogs, learning more about beauty and watching peoples latest fashion hauls. I became hookedand have since discovered the Youtuber’s who inspire me, make me laugh or who I can relate to. So for today’s post I just wanted to let you know who my all-time faves are (the YouTuber’s where I won’t miss a video) as well as some of the others I watch on a regular basis too.

Helen Anderson


I absolutely love watching Helen’s videos, especially her vlogs. I love her style and she is such a laugh. Her vlogs are very honest, really showing her everyday life with all its ups and downs including her squabbles with husband Matthew which just makes her even more relatable. She includes a whole mix of things from beauty, fashion, DIY, homeware, music… I just think she’s fab!

Zoe Sugg


Zoe I love best for her vlogs and favourites videos I think. She is just the cutest. Zoe has such a smiley personality and is always up for a laugh which is infectious. Also although she’s about ten sizes smaller than me aha I enjoy watching her fashion hauls as she always has fab outfits. She’s just an overall good bean!

The SacconeJoly’s


The SacconeJoly’s are a family of five, Jonathan and Anna, their kids Emilia, Eduardo and Alessia as well as their six Maltese dogs. They upload a vlog every day and I love watching them. The kids just put a smile on my face with their everyday shenanigans.

Kate Flowers


I am so glad I found Kates channel last year! She is such a natural beauty and sweetheart; I quickly became hooked to her vegan lifestyle videos; what I eat in a day’s and other vlogs sharing her passion for health, veganism, dancing and LGBT.

Kalyn Nicholson


I have been following Kalyn for a while, but have only recently started watching her vlogs more religiously. She has such a chatty friendly personality and her content is great; a real variety from books to makeup looks.

Other YouTube channels I like:

Tanya Burr, Raw Alignment, Mae FlowersJenny Mustard, Inthefrow, Ryan and Aiden, Zoe London, Carly Rowena

Well those are my favourite YouTuber’s. Who are yours? I’d love discovering new channels so please do let me know!

Love Carina xo


Hey guys,

As you can tell from the title this post is going to be about Pride. This weekend celebrates Newcastle Pride’s 10th Birthday and 16,000 people turned up to march through central Newcastle before retiring to Town Moor park for music, fun and drinks. I went along yesterday with my work family. It was my first ever Pride event and I had a great time.

I came out as bi earlier this year and since then the LGBT scene and the need to raise awareness and fight for equal rights amongst other things has become even more important to me and thus I was excited to be attending my first Pride event with my boys from work. It was amazing seeing such a mixed bunch of people of all ages turn up to march. Standing together there was such a feeling of solidarity and acceptance. Everyone felt comfortable just being themselves, no fear of judgement. It was lovely seeing the support from onlookers too, some who weren’t physically able to participate in the march stood at the sidelines and waved flags, others held up supportive signs as we marched past or waved and cheered. Although the weather was miserable, the atmosphere was great and the drizzly murkiness did not dampen anyone’s moods or spirits.

After the march we arrived at Town Moore, got our VIP wristbands and settled down at a table with a view of the stage. At one point we were huddled under our umbrellas which was a shame, but the music acts were good, the drinks and talk flowed and when the sun finally came out the smiles turned into grins and we danced away. Before we left the park the guys also went on some rides and tried to get me on some too although I was not to be persuaded as my stomach wasn’t feeling too great and I’m quite honestly surprised non of them threw up aha!

Town was packed when we walked back but we grabbed a quick bite to eat and went for a short boogie before getting the last train back to Durham feeling absolutely exhausted, I mean no wonder we had been out for 11 hours.

Me, Ryan and Aiden, Bradley ❤ 

I really enjoyed my first pride event, although I do think it would be nice if there was also more awareness raising after the march, in the sense of more talks about current LGBT situations around the world, how far we’ve come but also how much still needs to change… I know there were a few video clips, but sadly the sound was too quiet for me to actually understand anything.

To end with a bit of food for thought; it is great seeing how much progress we have made across the world, but as one of speakers said whilst having fun today we should also think of those less fortunate than us. I feel like I take LGBT acceptance for granted here in England, there’s a certain detachment from the problems people in other countries might be experiencing, but then I just need to look across the sea to Northern Ireland where same sex marriage isn’t legal yet, to be reminded that injustice is’t far around the corner. So with Theresa May in bed with the DUP and Trump running around America who knows what the next few years hold for the LGBT community! I hope it will be an ever growing forward moving motion and that we will not be taking any steps backwards.

Lots of Love for you guys!

Carina xo