Good evening beautiful souls,

Tonight I am off to a gig. I barely ever treat myself to go and see live music and so I am very excited for this evening. I’m off to Newcastle to go and see Bryde. I first saw her play at the Lindisfarne festival last summer and absolutely loved her ethereal indie-rock sound.

‘Pembrokeshire-born, London-based Bryde aka Sarah Howells, is a woman and an electric guitar playing fierce and fragile songs. Swaying from vulnerable to uncompromising within one verse and chorus, Bryde’s music is honest and furiously authentic.

Fascinated with human psychology and inner workings of relationships Bryde’s songs still hold close a defiant and life-affirming quality. Described as being about “entangling and unravelling” they move from tender and delicate, to tough and unforgiving, drawing reviews that reflect this. ‘

Has anyone else heard of Bryde before?! If you don’t know her I highly recommend you check her out 😊



Good evening beautiful souls,

Today I finally had a day off after working 13 days in a row. It’s been a long time since I just had a nice day out and so Jessica and I decided to go to Newcastle. After a relaxed breakfast of avocado on toast and a cuppa green tea with ginger, we got ready and hopped on the train.

The sun was out and it was a beautiful mild day as we set out to complete our to do list; return shoes, stock up in Lush, buy a new cafetiere, purchase make-up and douse ourselves in divine perfumes we can’t afford haha (we discovered a new favourite – Gucci Bloom Aqua Di Fiori – it’s amazing – has anyone tried it?!)

Once we’d ticked everything off our list we went to Olive & Bean for a spot of lunch. We ordered a cafetiere each and I got the olive, hummus and sun dried tomato sandwich whilst Jessica ordered a prawn salad. The food was really nice and the coffee had good flavour too, my only wish is that they had a few more vegan options on their large menu and that they decanted the cafetiere because the longer it stands it over extracts the coffee and becomes bitter. But it was still nice.

We then debated over which film to see at the cinema and decided on Tomb Raider over Peter Rabbit which was really good. I definitely recommend it and I hope to see follow ups!

The only downside of our trip to Newcastle is that I didn’t time it properly and so we didn’t get back to Durham in time for me to go home and get my yoga gear! I really need to make a better effort to start going to yoga again.

Anyway now we’re sitting in the Library having a pint as I write this blog post and wait to meet my friend Amy for a drink at 9pm.

All in all it’s been a great day off and I oy wish I had another one tomorrow!
I hope you have all had a lovely Wednesday!



Good evening beautiful souls,

The other week I finally got round to having a look around the Farplace Vegan Store in Newcastle. I had been meaning to go there for ages but just never managed. Anyway I just thought I’d share my thoughts with you on the store and on what I bought.

My first impression was oh it’s smaller than I thought and then, I recognise a lot of these products, you can find them in most big supermarkets. However, I guess the bonus here is that all the vegan food is all in one place and you do not need to go searching for it. They stock a wide range from frozen to packaged and from snacks to meals. What was also great was that it had some local produce, like some local vegan ‘cheese’ or baking mixes in cute jars. It also stocks some beauty and household products which is fab because they are more difficult to find in supermarkets.

Here’s what I bought:

Cashew & Cranberry Nut Roast £2.95 – I really enjoyed this actually. It kind of tastes like stuffing, so it goes well with greens, roast potatoes and and gravy. At £2.95 it seems quite pricey at first but I would say this nut roast is good for 3 people, so £1 pp ain’t bad really.

Organic Dark Lavender Chocolate £2.70 – Now at this price it was definitely a treat and sadly one I wasn’t too keen on. I love the scent of lavender and am always interested in floral tasting foods and drinks, but this one wasn’t for me.

Violife Mediterranean Style ‘Cheese’ £2.75 – Violife is by far my favourite vegan cheese brand out of what I’ve tried but I haven’t tried everything they have to offer yet, so I thought it was time to pick a new ‘cheese’ and I went for the Med style. I’m not sure which cheese this med style is supposed to resemble most, but taste wise it’s not bad. I haven’t tried melting it yet, so not sure if that works well or not, but I think this is the kind of ‘cheese’ that would pair well with olives and foccaia as it is advertised Mediterranean style foods.

Organic Grilled Aubergine Pate £1.95 – I have tried various vegan pates before but they have usually been tomato/pepper based so I wanted to try something very different. There was quite a range to choose from but I settled on the aubergine pate. It was well flavoured had a nice texture and went really well with the pitta and avocado I ate it with. Will definitely be repurchasing this.


Love Carina xo


Hey guys,

As you can tell from the title this post is going to be about Pride. This weekend celebrates Newcastle Pride’s 10th Birthday and 16,000 people turned up to march through central Newcastle before retiring to Town Moor park for music, fun and drinks. I went along yesterday with my work family. It was my first ever Pride event and I had a great time.

I came out as bi earlier this year and since then the LGBT scene and the need to raise awareness and fight for equal rights amongst other things has become even more important to me and thus I was excited to be attending my first Pride event with my boys from work. It was amazing seeing such a mixed bunch of people of all ages turn up to march. Standing together there was such a feeling of solidarity and acceptance. Everyone felt comfortable just being themselves, no fear of judgement. It was lovely seeing the support from onlookers too, some who weren’t physically able to participate in the march stood at the sidelines and waved flags, others held up supportive signs as we marched past or waved and cheered. Although the weather was miserable, the atmosphere was great and the drizzly murkiness did not dampen anyone’s moods or spirits.

After the march we arrived at Town Moore, got our VIP wristbands and settled down at a table with a view of the stage. At one point we were huddled under our umbrellas which was a shame, but the music acts were good, the drinks and talk flowed and when the sun finally came out the smiles turned into grins and we danced away. Before we left the park the guys also went on some rides and tried to get me on some too although I was not to be persuaded as my stomach wasn’t feeling too great and I’m quite honestly surprised non of them threw up aha!

Town was packed when we walked back but we grabbed a quick bite to eat and went for a short boogie before getting the last train back to Durham feeling absolutely exhausted, I mean no wonder we had been out for 11 hours.

Me, Ryan and Aiden, Bradley ❤ 

I really enjoyed my first pride event, although I do think it would be nice if there was also more awareness raising after the march, in the sense of more talks about current LGBT situations around the world, how far we’ve come but also how much still needs to change… I know there were a few video clips, but sadly the sound was too quiet for me to actually understand anything.

To end with a bit of food for thought; it is great seeing how much progress we have made across the world, but as one of speakers said whilst having fun today we should also think of those less fortunate than us. I feel like I take LGBT acceptance for granted here in England, there’s a certain detachment from the problems people in other countries might be experiencing, but then I just need to look across the sea to Northern Ireland where same sex marriage isn’t legal yet, to be reminded that injustice is’t far around the corner. So with Theresa May in bed with the DUP and Trump running around America who knows what the next few years hold for the LGBT community! I hope it will be an ever growing forward moving motion and that we will not be taking any steps backwards.

Lots of Love for you guys!

Carina xo