Good evening beautiful souls,

I love Lush products and a bath without a bathbomb and some bubbles is just boring so when I was running low on bath products I knew it was time to give Lush a visit. So the other week I popped into Lush to restock my depleted store of bathbombs and I thought you might be interested to see what I bought.

The Comforter

One of my all time favorite, I always crumble a little of this bubble bar into a bath.

Big Blue

I keep repurchasing this one because it’s just so refreshing and relaxing.

Cheer Up Buttercup

I haven’t tried this little gem of a bathbomb yet but it smells amazing! I wanted to buy a whole basket full of the

Cream Egg

Of course I had to try some bathbombs from the Easter range too. Again this one is new to me but I loved the bright colours and design of this one.

Which Came First?

At nearly £7 this is definitely the most expensive bathbomb I have ever bought!! However it was too pretty not to try and it will definitely last me for four baths so the price isn’t too bad.

Caca Rouge Henna

If you have seen my Henna Hair post you will already know that I purchased and have already used this Lush product. It is again quite pricey at just under £11 but if you think about how many hair dyes you actually get out of it it’s really good value. Henna has an interesting smell and is the messiest hair dying process I know of haha, but as it’s all natural it is nourishing and not damaging your hair. So if you want a beautiful gingery/red you must try this product!

Love Carina xo


Hey guys, 

I am currently away in Coldigham, Scotland, for my best friend Emily’s Hen Do! I shall tell you all about it once back, but for now I wanted to share with you the Hen Do goodie bags I made for the weekend. Emily wanted a bit of a spa vibe for the weekend as we have a hot tub at the house we’re staying in, so I have created the goodie bags with the wellness and pampering in mind.

Bath Salts: I spotted some test tubes filled with bath salts on Etsy and thought they’d be cheaper to make myself rather than buy. So I bought a massive pack of test tubes from Ebay as well as two different bath salts, Epsom and Himalayan and then some dried rose petals for the extra prettiness factor. I thought this was the cutest idea and I love love love the results!


Incense: Who doesn’t love incense, it’s the perfect way to add some atmosphere and relax, whether it be in the bath, whilst doing yoga or just chilling with a book or some music!


Throws: May seem like a random choice and it was a spontaneous buy aha, but I just fell in love with these little throws from non other than Poundland! Our cottage is just a short walk from Coldingham Bay beach so these throws can have multiple functions from beach towels, yoga mats or throws to snuggle under when we watch movies sitting in front of the log burner!


Vegan Truffles: Emily is vegan and so we are making the whole weekend vegan. So of course I had to ask Anna the friend I’m living with at the moment, to make me some vegan truffles for the hen do. She is a chocolatier and her chocolates are amazing!! And you can’t have a goodie bag without a little treat now can you?!


Tea Tubes: Again another idea I saw on Esty and loved. I also decided I could make these myself too. I got the loose tea from my dads cafe, a delicious Blue Lady and a Green tea.


Badges: Emily is turning into a bit of an eco warrior and so I thought although I know they won’t look as good as bought ones, I’d recycle some bottle caps and turn them into badges! Not amazing aha but ok I think!


Well guys I hope you enjoyed this post and are having as fabulous a weekend as I am!

Love Carina xo


Hello my beautiful readers,

So first of all just a little apology, I have no days off this week and am struggling to find the time to write and take photos, so there will be no What I Eat In A Day today I am afraid but instead you’re getting this lovely post about my mini getaway to the Peak District! Enjoy!

Last week was amazing! About three weeks ago I found out one of my best friends was coming to England and had some time to see me, so I managed to get some time of work and we booked a last minute mini midweek getaway to the Peak District for some peaceful time amongst nature. Here’s what we got up to! (P.S. sorry about the photo quality I only had my phone with me)

Day One – Jane Eyre Trail and Stanage

We met at Manchester Piccadilly station, did a quick food shop at Sainsbury and then took the train to Hathersage (about 1h) where we arrived at our hostel just before 10am. We were very lucky they hadn’t locked the door yet (they are officially only open 5pm-10pm). I mean I knew check in was only at 5pm, but I didn’t expect no access at all until 5pm, usualy hostels are open and have at least a locker room for bags, but we found none of that here! The guy at least allowed us to dump our bags behind the reception after we put everything we needed for the day into my small backpack. We quickly put our food shop in the fridge, made a humous wrap to take with us for our lunch and went on our way. We didn’t really have a plan or a map aha so with the only information I had for a trail being it was called the Jane Eyre trail, we just asked about and the locals were friendly and pointed us in the right direction!


Hathersage was the inspiration behind many a scene from Charlotte Bronte’s classic Jane Eyre. On the edge of the village lies a church where Robin Hood’s friend Little John is buried and next to it is a quaint little parsonage (pictured above) in which Charlotte Bronte once stayed. During her visit she began writing her novel; her influences become clear as you wonder aound the area.  In the graveyard one can find gravestones engraved with the names of Eyre and Elliot for example. Furthermore, North Less Hall (pictured below) is said to be the inspiration behind Thornfield, and local ledgened has it that a mistress of the Hall was kept imprissoned as a mad woman and later died in a fire which destroyed part of the building and had to be rebuilt. It’s a pretty building but not quite as majestic as I had in mind from the BBC series aha.






The first good view of Stanage. The natural rock cliffs of Stanage and surrounding moorlands influenced Charlotte Bronte too, it is visible in the part of Jane Eyre where she wonders the moors lost before her cousin finds her. The scenery from here was stunning, although sadly it was a bit of a murky day to begin with.



Although murky to begin with, once we finished this roughly 3 and 1/2 hour trail we went and sat in a cafe when the sun came out and stayed all afternoon. We moved outside and soaked up some rays whilst enjoying our books.

Day Two – Win Hill and Lady Bower Reservoir onto Derwent Damns Viewing Point


Day two took us on an unplanned detour up Win Hill on our way to Lady Bower Resevoir, but it was well worth the extra 2 hours hike. Pictured below is our first view from the resevoir at the beginning of our climb up Win Hill.





Eventually after a hard climb for me and my unfitness aha, we made it to the top and the views were phenomonal! Absolutely stunning! Sadly it was just far too windy and cold to linger for long though.




What I loved most about this hike was the diverse landscape around us, we walked through fields, heather moor land, pine forrests and next to the resevoirs… The ever changing nature made the hike even more interesting to the eye!




In the evening I had the luck of being able to briefly meet up with a friend I’d made whilst volunteering in Corrymeela over last year, as she only lived a 15 minute drive away! This was super lovely as I hadn’t seen her since November.



Day Three – Hike To Castleton


Day three was probably my least favourite walk, although parts like the beginning where we walked along the river for a good 1-2 hours was really beautiful. However I am not used to walking for so long, so I was feeling not just physically but also mentally drained aha. (Garden envy shown below – I mean how idyllic!)



What made it worse was that I google mapped how long it would take to walk from Hathersage to Castleton failing to realise that the time given was obviously for the route following the main road and not the public footpaths. Annoyingly the public footpaths aren’t always sign posted very well at all either, so of course we also ended up taking a couple of wrong turns leaving us having to climb over barbed wire fencing aha and adding even more time onto our walk. So what I thought was going to be a 2-3 hour walk ended up being a 5 hour hike aha! But there was loads of cute lambs around, so that made it better aha.



Eventually we arrived in Castleton, I was rather tired so, so we didn’t stay long and got the first bus back to Hathersage. It was a long walk but not as inclined as the day before and not as varied scenery, but there was still some stunning views!


Day Four – Hathersage

On our last day we just chilled. We had to check out of the hostel by 10am and then we just browsed the shops in Hathersage and I did a little shopping. There was a little arty shop where we picked up some new reads, I bought Cider with Rosie by Laurie Lee and Travelling to Infinity by Jane Hawking (the story behind the movie A Theory of Everything) which I am excited to read! There was also a little cute interior shop with some jewellery and I treated myself to some new little black stud earrings from Pilgrim. After some shopping we walked back to the Church, searched for the Eyre grave stones and then went for a short 30min walk. The sun slowly started to show it’s face as we returned to town and after grabbing some lunch at a little deli cafe we then basked in the sun outside the cafe for the rest of the afternoon reading our new books. It was a glorious end to a perfect mini getaway!

Love Carina xo


Hello my beautiful friends,

I am sure you have all been witnessing the recent colouring book craze! There are new colouring books popping up everywhere from floral and patterned designs to movie and series  images. A lot of the colouring books are also being advertised for mindfulness and meditation, some including quotes and ideas to contemplate on whilst colouring. I love that it is such a big trend at the moment. I believe it is important for people of all ages to have a creative outlet; and colouring is a great way to switch off and just unwind as you become engulfed with the drawings in front of you.


Last year I treated myself to Millie Marotta’s Animal Kingdom which has so many beautiful patterns and I got stuck in as soon as I got home happily disappearing for 2 hours to paint an elephant in watercolours. Admittedly I haven’t used it as much as I would like because I really struggle with giving myself me time to unwind, even when I know it does me so much good! I know I need to work on that, and will be trying my best to relax and do some more colouring. I would definitely recommend you treat yourself to some nice pencils and a colouring book too and give it a try if you haven’t already!




Tip: Look on amazon, way way cheaper than buying in shops like WHSmith’s, although you could have a look in the shop to see which book you actually like best 🙂

Love Carina xo