Good evening beautiful souls,

The other week I received an exciting delivery in the post from Office. I had decided that I was in real need of new shoes for work and as much as I’d tried to reason with myself that I already had plenty, I just couldn’t help myself. I wanted a pair of plain black comfy shoes that would go with almost any outfit and as I didn’t own a pair of plain black comfy shoes it totally justified buying new shoes right?! At least that’s what I told myself as I kept adding shoes to my basket. Then a couple of day later I was browsing the charity shops and found two more perfect pairs of shoes, well one pair of beautiful boots and also a pair of platform sandals! Four pairs of new shoes in a week, I felt naughty haha but was in shoe heaven! In case you can’t tell – I am a shoe addict! I admit it! I really have to work hard to restrain myself from buying shoes and the other week, as you can see, I totally failed. Anyway, I’ve been excited to show you what beauts I picked up, so let’s go:

The first pair are these beautiful black with rose gold New Balance trainers. I’ve wanted a new pair of New Balance trainers for a while now as they are so comfy. I own a pair of orange ones already which I’d bought in an attempt to bring a bit more colour to my wardrobe, but I always end up struggling to match them to an outfit and so I decided I needed a black pair that would go with almost anything. When I stumbled across these black and rose gold trainers in the sale I couldn’t believe my luck and added them to my basket straight away!! I’ve worn them to work a couple of times now and I am very pleased! They are a little on the narrow side (damn my wide feet) making them tight to get into at first and they only have very short laces (barely enough to tie a single knot, let alone a double one); however they feel great on and give my feet good support unlike any flat soled trainer – these are a keeper!


Next I thought I’d try out a cheaper pair of shoes. I did have a pair of beautiful suede vans in my basket, but opted for these van styled office own brand shoes instead because I mean I had to be at least a little sensible and not splash out too much right?! Another reason I don’t like spending too much on shoes is that I tend to wear my shoes down quite quickly; I have a heavy step and because I am on my feet at work all day my shoes get dirty and sweaty rather fast. Anyway, I’ve worn these to work a couple of times now too and they are also quite comfy, although I must admit that I don’t find the material very breathable which for work ain’t the best.


Now onto my charity shop bargains! The first pair I found were these beautiful delicate olive green boots (the photo doesn’t do the colour justice sorry!) for only £4.99 I think! I immediately fell in love with them! I think they’ll be the perfect autumn shoe and I can’t wait to style them up with some of my dresses and cosy knits! Hurry up already autumn!


Last but not least are these fab black platform sandals that I got for £3.99! I love platform sandals – I can’t walk in heels to save my life and my feet kill after like 2 seconds, so platform sandals/heels are my saving grace, giving me that nice bit of extra height and at the same time keeping my feet happy! I took these with me to the Vegan Camp Out festival as I had a skirt I wanted to wear which was too long without heels and my feet were comfy all day! However I am sooo gutted to say that on the last night the straps on one shoe just kinda snapped! So so annoyed as I wanted them for the Lindisfarne festival too and now I’m not sure what shoes to take aha! I don’t know if it’s worth looking into getting them fixed, but it might be as I love them so much aha. We’ll see I guess.


Well there you have my recent shoe haul. Four more shoes added to my already extensive shoe collection!! Maybe I should do a shoe haul of all the shoes I currently own some time?! Would you be interested in seeing my extensive collection?! Also what’s your favourite comfy shoe/trainer?! Any recommendations for the future? Well lovelies, hope you had a great bank holiday and aren’t feeling too sad to be back at work!



Hello my beautiful readers,

On my day off on Tuesday I went into Newcastle in the afternoon as it was such a nice day, although really windy, and I just needed to get out of the house for a bit and enjoy some me time. I popped into Primark as I needed some new leggings and trainers, but as usual ended up picking up a couple of other things too, so I just thought I’d share!


First I just picked up some plain black leggings; they are my no.1 wardrobe staple. I then spotted this cute peplum top for only £3 and had to get it. Admittedly it’s not quite warm enough yet to walk around in tops aha, but it has such a cute floaty shape and is great for layering. Shoe wise I only needed new light breathable trainers but  I fell in love with these greeny/grey slightly sturdier trainers and had to get them too!





Next I decided to treat myself to some new gym wear; having new stuff to wear to the gym is always motivational don’t you think? So my old gym trainer were very worn through and needed replacing, these black ones are super lightweight and airy which is perfect for the gym. I always get sweaty feet and hate trainers which are too thick and don’t let your feet breath, so I hope these will do the trick. On my way to town on Tuesday I dropped of some clothes at a charity shop, including a pair of gym leggings which were just too large, so when I saw these beautiful leggings I had to get them! Such cute floral pattern with a bit of meshing at the knee – I am in love! Although I’m a sweaty mess at the gym it’s nice to at least feel a little pretty in what you’re wearing aha. I also decided to get a new sports bra as I really liked the back mesh like pattern.







Just to mention, this is the first time I’ve posted photos of me in skin tight clothing and part of my stomach out, but you know what, it’s all about self love, and I felt great taking these photos and knowing I’m on my journey to self improvement makes me very happy and proud, this is my body, the only one I’ll ever have and I am learning to love it!

Love Carina xo