Good evening beautiful souls,

Have you missed me?!

In case you’ve been wondering where I had disappeared to, I decided to take a little break from blogging! Before I left for my holiday in Germany I was stuck in a bit of a rut. I was continually feeling stressed about never seeming to have enough time to complete everything I wanted to get done especially when it came to blogging. I kept having to remind myself that this blog is only a hobby and not a job, and thus it should be fun and I shouldn’t feel like a failure if I didn’t succeed in posting often enough or regularly. It was ok if my blog posts flowed as and when I felt like writing and sharing my journey. So I eventually managed to come to terms with the fact that it was ok to take a step back from blogging and take a break for a while.

I have to admit it did me good not stressing about uploading posts on time and having a picture up on Instagram every day; it’s been peaceful. However, I don’t want to drag this break on forever and the itch to get connecting again with all you lovely lot keeps growing so here I am again – I am back and ready to get stuck into blogging again.

I also want to take this new start to slightly redirect my content/the focus of my blog. As most of you know I have been vegan since the beginning of the year and my passion for living a plant based lifestyle keeps growing, along with wanting to reduce my impact on this earth and so I really want to focus my content on plant based and eco friendly living. It will still be a lifestyle blog featuring things from beauty – cooking, but they will all be encouraging a plant based and low impact lifestyle. I look forward to developing my vegan & eco friendly lifestyle niche more and hope you look forward to learning more about these topics.

Lots of Love Carina xo


Good evening beautiful souls,

“The ultimate test of man’s conscience may be his willingness to sacrifice something today for future generations whose words of thanks will not be heard.” ― Gaylord Nelson

As it’s Earth Day today I wanted to draw your attention to the unsustainable lives we are living. Through our modern lifestyles we are destroying & hurting our earth, all it’s earthlings and our ecosystem – something needs to change!!!

I would love you all to take a moment and reflect on the lifestyle choices you make and how you might be able to adjust things to live greener more environmentally friendly lives. I urge you all to take part and make a conscious effort to make some little changes so that we may create a happier, healthier planet for ourselves and generations to come!

No change is to small – every little helps and it’s important we all play our part and look after the earth!!!

Here are just few ideas to get you started:

  • Recycle!!! Everything that can be recycled please don’t just dump it into general waste!
  • Invest in some stainless steel straws for home use. Refuse straws when out and about or get into the habit of bringing your own straw with you (yes I am one of those people who carries a stainless steel straw in her backpack)
  • Start buying loose fruit and vegetables and bring your own mesh bags to put them in.
  • Or why not invest in a local organic veg bag subscription!
  • Bring your own bag to the supermarket instead of buying plastic ones!
  • If you are a tea drinker buy loose leaf teas and use a tea strainer (most tea bags are still made with plastic)
  • Use roll on deodorants instead of aerosols
  • Try and avoid aerosol products in general. You can swap most things eg. use good old fashioned talcum powder instead of dry shampoo, buy reed diffusers instead of air fresheners…
  • Invest in a reusable takeaway coffee/tea mug
  • Buy biodegradable bamboo toothbrushes, plastic ones fill our landfills and take over 400 years to decompose!!!
  • Ladies – buy yourself a menstrual cup – not only are you saving yourself money but your helping the environment and your body as they are far less dangerous!
  • Have a go at going vegan (or at least making some swaps and cutting down your animal product consumption) – don’t diss veganism straight away beautiful souls – animal agriculture is responsible for more greenhouse gas emissions than the entire transportation system combined!
  • Use reusable cleansing pads instead of throwaway cleansing wipes (reusable bamboo breast pads area great option)
  • Use natural shampoo & soap bars instead of going through bottles of shampoo and conditioner (lush gave some really nice ones)
  • Invest in an electric razor/shaver rather than using one use plastic razors.
  • Install the Ecosia web browser which plants trees as you do your online browsing – I mean what’s not to like – this is such an easy change to make!!

The list is endless, I could go on forever. Please have a look into making some changes ❤ This really isn’t an issue we can ignore!!!

I’ll leave you with another quote:

“It’s going to take all of us, gathering our voices and acting together. Saying, “Not on our watch” to create a future for humans, animals and the environment.” ― Eileen Anglin

P.s. If you already are making some changes I’d love to know what you are doing!



Hey guys, 

I am currently away in Coldigham, Scotland, for my best friend Emily’s Hen Do! I shall tell you all about it once back, but for now I wanted to share with you the Hen Do goodie bags I made for the weekend. Emily wanted a bit of a spa vibe for the weekend as we have a hot tub at the house we’re staying in, so I have created the goodie bags with the wellness and pampering in mind.

Bath Salts: I spotted some test tubes filled with bath salts on Etsy and thought they’d be cheaper to make myself rather than buy. So I bought a massive pack of test tubes from Ebay as well as two different bath salts, Epsom and Himalayan and then some dried rose petals for the extra prettiness factor. I thought this was the cutest idea and I love love love the results!


Incense: Who doesn’t love incense, it’s the perfect way to add some atmosphere and relax, whether it be in the bath, whilst doing yoga or just chilling with a book or some music!


Throws: May seem like a random choice and it was a spontaneous buy aha, but I just fell in love with these little throws from non other than Poundland! Our cottage is just a short walk from Coldingham Bay beach so these throws can have multiple functions from beach towels, yoga mats or throws to snuggle under when we watch movies sitting in front of the log burner!


Vegan Truffles: Emily is vegan and so we are making the whole weekend vegan. So of course I had to ask Anna the friend I’m living with at the moment, to make me some vegan truffles for the hen do. She is a chocolatier and her chocolates are amazing!! And you can’t have a goodie bag without a little treat now can you?!


Tea Tubes: Again another idea I saw on Esty and loved. I also decided I could make these myself too. I got the loose tea from my dads cafe, a delicious Blue Lady and a Green tea.


Badges: Emily is turning into a bit of an eco warrior and so I thought although I know they won’t look as good as bought ones, I’d recycle some bottle caps and turn them into badges! Not amazing aha but ok I think!


Well guys I hope you enjoyed this post and are having as fabulous a weekend as I am!

Love Carina xo


Good morning my lovely readers,

Every Wednesday I go to yoga with my friend Aiden at our local gym. It’s a 90min session, well more like 80min aha and it’s great fun! This week we tried blindfold yoga for the first time. Sadly Aiden had to drop out last minute this week and let me tell you he really missed out!


The session was easier than past ones, but that makes sense because let me tell you, once you have your eyesight taken away from you it makes everything much more difficult straight away aha. We were all given one a black eye mask (like one of those sleep mask things) and it was really interesting to experience how much it throws you not being able to see.

The idea behind wearing the blindfold it to help you get centred and not be distracted by the the other people around you. It stops you comparing yourself and you learn to really concentrate on your own breathing and how you’re feeling.

We started as usual just breathing and then went into various stretch poses continuing into downward dogs and warrior 1’s and even trying the tree pose. The tree pose is a laugh, I challenge you all to try it with you eyes closed aha; I am really going to have to practice that one – 0 balance with no eyesight! Well I have to say though at the end of the session I really felt the relaxed and more peaceful in comparison to previous yoga sessions. I had planned to still go to the gym a little bit afterwards, but I was so chilled I just decided to enjoy my 25min walk home.

So if you ever have the chance to try blindfold yoga guys I highly recommend it!!!!!

Love Carina xo