Good evening beautiful souls,

The other day I had the most delightful food and thus wanted to share what I ate with you!

I started my day with a beautiful smoothie bowl filled with lots of vitamins and sprinkled with goodness including chia seeds, cocoa nibs, nuts, goji berries and fruit. It was the first time I’d tried a dragon fruit and I was so excited but then sadly disappointed when I discovered that there was nothing too it, no flavour. However I must admit it does look cool!!

For lunch I made Jessica and myself some tofu scramble on toast. I added tomatoes and kidney beans which gave it that something extra and it wasn’t bad at all, but what really made it for me was the delicious asparagus tips we topped it with – mmmm… I will definitely be making this again soon!!


For dinner I invited Anna over and made a vegan bolognese from scratch. This has to be one of my favourite meals at the moment it is just soooo good! I’ll definitely be sharing the recipe with you at some point!

Well the you have it lovelies, what I eat in a day!! Hope you enjoyed reading this post and if there’s ever any recipes you’d like, do let me know!



Good evening beautiful souls,

The other day I looked back to the beginning of my blog and discovered I use to write What I Eat In A Day posts, who knew aha! I had totally forgotten and these used to be some of my  favourite posts to write too! So I’m going to start writing them again and I hope you enjoy!

This is what I ate on Monday the 5th:

I got up early to try and get an emergency doctors appointment so I just bought an Innocent smoothie on my way to keep me going till breakfast after the doctors. On the way back I really  felt like treating myself (I always do when I am ill haha – anyone else the same?!) and so I popped into our local Sainsbury to buy an avocado and a fresh baguette. Whilst there I saw a nice barley, broccoli, bean ready-meal thing and thought it looked delicious, but instead of buying pre-made food I decided to have a go at making something similar myself and bought some more healthy foods.



Once I got home at about 9.50 I finally made this tasty breakfast I had been soo craving! I toasted the baguette and then spread some vegan cream cheese on that we had left before adding the avocado which I had mashed up with some salt, pepper, chilli flakes & lemon juice. Next I topped it with some rocket salad and pomegranate seeds. To drink I just finished the Innocent smoothie I had bought earlier that morning.

Tip: Pomegranate is a fruit that literally goes with soo many things – start experimenting what you can add it too!



The way I usually cook is by making things up ass I go along and this was no different. I should have checked what exactly went into that tasty looking ready meal in Sainsbury, but I didn’t so I just ended up creating a veg & barley mix. It was quite tasty and full of goodness but I don’t think my aim in recreating what I’d seen had quite worked haha. I’d made quite a lot though so it’s lasted us for another two meals which is great when you can’t always be bothered to cook. So if you’re wondering what went in – pearl barely (cooked in veg stock), green lentils, black beans, kale, broccoli, carrots, spinach, onion & garlic. To drink I had a glass of squash.



I always look to find low sugar crisps and I encourage you all to do the same. It’s crazy how much added sugars are put into savoury foods! Just pic up a couple of different brands and look at the of which sugars per 100g – you might surprise yourself. Anyway most Kettle’s aren’t too bad so they’re usually one of the brands we have in the house for snacks. I nibbled on these throughout the day and on some red grapes which I’m obsessed with at the moment but forgot to take a picture of.



Jessica had wanted me to try some of her Chinese food for ages so we finally had these fast food style noodles which only took a couple of minutes to cook and then you just mix your sauces together and top with peanuts and pickled vegetables. I enjoyed it, it was kind of peanut buttery. The only thing I wasn’t too keen on was the spice; I mean I like spicy food but I maybe shouldn’t have put all the chilli spice in haha.


And there you have it – what I eat in a day! Hope you’ve all had a good day lovelies!

Love Carina xo


Hey my beautiful friends,

Well I am only on day 2 of this supposed smoothie cleanse and I am already failing!


My current mood (pictured above haha)! I did not think I would be this bad tempered because of cravings. My eyes feel heavy and tired and all I continually think of when not distracted is I want food!!! Now don’t get me wrong, I am not hungry; the smoothies are filling, but they are all sweet, even when large amounts of ginger and kale are added! So the two things I am craving are one: actually chewing and two: savoury food, just give me some damn butter on toast and I’ll be satisfied!

So yesterday, day one, went well, I had a green smoothie for breakfast, a cocoa peanut butter smoothie for lunch, then went with my work mates for a pint after work but was good and only drank water, came home and made a mixed berry smoothie for dinner, went to bed with a cuppa tea and spotted half a tin of sour cream and onion pringles which of course I ended up munching. Afterwards my stomach felt funny and I regretted it but it felt good to eat something.

Today the thought of knowing there’s another 7 smoothies ahead of me, just kills me! I was clearing a table at work and one of the customers hadn’t touched the cheese from their lunch platter, so what do I do, I grab it and take a nibble, luckily it was my least favourite cheese and I decided it wasn’t worth eating and thus chucked it, but the craving for savoury food I can actually chew on is soo strong and irritating me so much that I am sorry guys but I won’t continue this smoothie cleanse challenge I set myself! Think of me what you like for giving up so quickly aha, but it’s not like I am going off to stuff my face now instead. I wanted to try a smoothie challenge to see what it would be like – and I can now say I don’t like it haha. But I might still half continue it by having smoothies twice a day but at least an evening meal. I’ll update you! For dinner today I will definitely at least be having something that I can chew on and savour the textures and tastes of haha, whilst still eating healthily of course!

Let me know if any of you have ever tried a juice or smoothie cleanse and how you coped! I’d love to know!

Love Carina xo


Hello my beautiful friends,

Here’s a what I eat in a day from last week as I am currently in the Peak District!

So after a couple too many drinks the night before aha I had a breakfast to help cure my mini hangover. Dippy eggs, bacon and an Innocent smoothie.


I had a late start at work, my shift only starting at 12pm so I could enjoy my breakfast in peace and lunch at work was only at about 3pm. I got this yummy avocado chicken salad!


After work I hit the gym and so dinner was a bit later, but I was ready for it. I made a little portion of a chicken green veg stir fry with some corn on the cob, which I absolutely love to eat with just a little butter and salt – yummy!


Love Carina xo